Accessing SD card without Mapsource

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  1. Can any of our resident geeks tell me if this is the sort of thing I need to transfer files from my laptop to an SD card. I want to access the SD card in my Garmin Unit without transferring files through mapsource. ... 689526.htm

    I can not see the SD card through 'my computer' when I connect the Garmin 60 CSx through USB.

    Will this item allow me to do this? Will it work with the card in the garmin? It seems there is a difference between micro and mini.....


  2. Hi,
    To use this card reader, you just plug it into your PC or laptop using a USB port. Drivers should be installed automatically if you have Win XP or Vista.
    You then take the card out of the Garmin and put it in the correct slot in the card reader. Usually you then get a window opening automatically asking you what you want to do, Open Folder to view files is the best response. You then can see what is on the card and you can drag files from your PC to the card, or copy from the card to the PC.

    That means you can back up maps from the card to your PC. Or copy maps from the PC to the card, or any other similar cards.

    It gives a drive letter to your card and it behaves like a memory storage device just like the hard disk or a CD or USB memory key.

    Usually the micro SD cards which are smaller than the mini SD come with a plastic holder that lets them be used in a mini SD slot.

    The device will do nothing for you if you leave your card in the Garmin.
  3. Thanks heaps John, Just the description I was looking for.

    I'll get one right away

  4. You can do it directly also without using a Card Reader: On the 60 CX or the 60 CSX go to the Main menu page and Select "Set Up" In the "Set Up" page select "Interface" and than on the next screen you csoll down to the bottom where you will find "USB Mass Storage". Select this and the GPS behave as an SD card and a drive letter will be assigned to it.

    Press the On Switch and the GPS will revert back to a GPS.

    However, the drawback is that using this method is slower than when using the SD card directly in a card reader.
  5. Auke,

    You are a mine of information :D

    Thanks heaps


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