Accessories for Africa Twin - crash bars

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Chiang_Mai_Martin, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. They manufacture cases as well as bars and racks? That's a "must visit" then...... I was going to hunt for some of those military spec hard cases and have a rack made up, but if I can get the whole shootin' match manufactured by the same shop, so much the better....... drop the bike off at the start of a 28 stretch away, come back and pick 'er up all nice and kitted out! :smile1:
  2. That ace fabricator and welder "Long" has done it again..... I took the bike and a sheaf of un-ashamedly stolen photos/spec of the Riky Cross crash bars in the opening thread to him just before I went back to work, and explained I wanted 3 tiers not 2..... and here's the result! I may have seen better welding and finishing before...... but I honestly cannot remember where or when! What a terrific thing to come home to!






    Long himself was very happy with the result, saying it's the first time he's made bars like this..... personally I think they're the bees bollox! 13,000 baht very well spent, methinks :thumbup: Lower/base tubing 35mm, everything else 28.

    If anyone wants info/contact details for this place..... see David's post above..... that's the place. They're on Mahidol road heading west toward the Central Airport Plaza, opposite Nissan, turn left just before Rioch.
  3. Good Stuff, Well protected now then!
  4. Yep...... unfortunately it was a bit like bolting the barn door after the bloody horse has done a runner!


    Mind you, no saying when it may happen to this horse again so, as you say Ian, well protected now!!
  5. Martin the bars look good.
    A couple of things, make sure the chain runs fairly slack, ie:30mm+ or so on the centre stand or you may chew out the countershaft sprocket spline, another thing is try and get 91 or 95 Benzine. My bike is off the road at present with carb bowl gaskets leaking after I run a couple of tanks of V-Power, obviously it has methanol crap and caused this problem!

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