Accessorizing D-Tracker in CM


Nov 7, 2007
Does anyone know where I can get a nice fat handlebar for the D-Tracker in Chiang Mai? Does the dealer by the moat have them? I am in the mountains but going to CM shortly and won't have much time to look around.

I'd also want some hand guards. Any tips on shops in CM greatly appreciated.

The back story is that I managed to crash my bike. Too much acceleration as I was going through the village - one of those motorbikes with attached shop blocked my path. I managed to stop just in front of it, unfortunately on my hands and knees as the front wheel locked up from braking too hard. Both bike and I scratched up good but no real injuries. Except for the bent handlebar. But I wanted to replace the handlebar anyway because it looked a bit flimsy - case in point, I suppose ;) - so might as well upgrade now.

Getting bike fixed by the moat, have to replace all the plastic covers on the left side. Luckily, anything over 5k will go on the insurance.