Accidents on the moat around Chiang Mai

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  2. In the blink of an eye, it can all go horribly wrong............ take care out there......!
  3. If Brains were Dynamite those Idiots would be Lucky to have enough to Part their Hair!!!
  4. Very few of these are accidents, they are acts of stupidity.

    My favorite being second to last where the obviously speeding driver caused only damage to his/her own car ( Hoping no other property was damaged )

    The last one was an accident caused to the motorcyclist.

    The rest could have been solved quite easily by not riding against the legal flow of traffic, allowing other rightful road users space and time or something that is quite common here, that you can just perform a manouver because you want without hesitation, thinking or indication.

    ignorance isn't an excuse.

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