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    Ngy Heng Hotel
    N 13° 39.275
    E 102° 33.648
    DZ/Double with bath and TV 11 US $
    Parken im Hotel
    Parking inside the hotel
    Good value Hotel

    Siem Reap
    N 13° 22.136
    E 103°50.601
    DZ/Double with fan 12 US $
    Parken auf dem Hof
    Parking inside the hotelcompound
    Very athmospheric Hotel, but a little bit expensive.
    Quiet Area, if the good bar is nott open to long

    Phnom Penh
    Okay Guesthouse
    N 11° 33.583
    E 104° 56.071
    DZ/Double with bath, AC and TV 10 US $
    Double with fan 5 US $
    Parken im Hotelhof
    parking at the hotelcompound
    Good food
    Good value Hotel

    Heng Heng 2 Hotel
    N 12° 29.006
    E 105° 01.033
    DZ/Double with bath, AC and TV 10 US $
    Double with fan 5 US $
    Parken in Hotelgarage
    parking inside the hotelgarage
    Good value Hotel

    Best wishes
    Ralf & Eva
    around the world on 2 motorbikes
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    If you want a snotch up in Phnom Penh, ... hTerms=gps has nice rooms for US 20-30, swimmingpool and sauna, good food and very nice staff.
    Owner is a Swedish bloke who dirtbiking Cambodia a lot, all the latest info on road conditions et cetera.
    Inside parking

    Scandinavian riders Banlung

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