Acerbis Gas Tank For Crf250l In Thailand ?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ablaze, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know where one could get an Acerbis 3.1 Gallon Gas Tank for the CRF250L in Thailand? Only managed to find a second hand one so far. Buying from abroad puts a 50% customs charge on top of the price, so would prefer to source one locally in Thailand.

    I am based in Chiang Mai, but anywhere in Thailand would do since shipping is usually not a problem.
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    Burning Shop - Chiang Mai Sells many CRF250L parts including the Acerbis fuel tank 12500Baht!
  3. Thanks Scotty! They are currently out of stock, but no hurry so will just order one.
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  4. What else are you adding on?
  5. I realise the post is a year old, but did you get it sorted ? I have a new one if u need it... bought but never got round to fitting and not really needed any more.
    12.5 litre capacity.
    Comes with all the mounting hardware.... THB 12,000

  6. Russ, I will take it.:)
  7. OK, sold !
    I'll send you a PM regarding collection.

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