ACFTA Free Trade Areement Motorcylce parts

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    Long read but if you go through it you will find a section that says parts for 800 CC motorcycles or less are not taxable, starting this year.

    What does that mean darned if I know?
  2. Ray

    i read it 9 pages 2 times and i did not find any sections about Bike parts, only 9 pages of Wood and wood like products and they taxesation....

    I'm I missing something here?
  3. Marco,

    No surprise there as the link Ray provided leads to the website of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board.
  4. Ake

    So im Not "Completely" lost yet in my head,,, i was wondering thou...
  5. It means that they cannot put huge import duty on bikes less than 800cc as they do now which sounds good for japanese made bikes ...but alrady the Thai government has found a loophole to keep prices high,

    with wine they reduced the massive 200% import duty as AFTA required but raised alchohol sales tax to keep prices high on medical grounds (legal but dirty) on bikes and cars they will raise new vehicle registration duty to cover loss of import tax on enviromental grounds.
  6. Guys I said it was long document you have to get past the timber Ect.

    The part I was looking at was the parts for 800CC bikes and below. It says effective this year no import duties.

    It won't let me cut and paste, or I would have done that.

    Scroll through it till you find motorcycles it's there.

    Or I took to many pain pills :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Ray in your Link has ONLY 9pages and those all are for timber,, NOTHING after 9pages,, but any how,, got the idea already about taxes and anyhow under 800cc, dont make any difference for me... :lol:
  8. Weird it was lot longer when I viewed or was it :shock:

    Better living through modern Chemistry.:lol:

    Might be worth knowing remember we are talking about parts a U-joint for a 400 and and a 1100 will look pretty much the same. A wheel ect.

    The only thing I can think of is type in the subject for a google search and maybe then you will get the entire agreement.

    I doubt it will be honored, or they will find other ways to get the money as pointed out.

    It even covers cars with restrictions on engine size ambulances fire trucks.

    Hmmmm!!!!!!!!! Another worthless piece of information I need to riding :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Not as bad a thought this peaked my curiousty this morning and then I looked up the agreement as to motorcycles, low and behold they were there.

  10. Are you sure Japanese bikes would fall under this ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (AC-FTA) agreement anyway?
    Japan is not part of ASEAN.
  11. Not really sure. But, they are listed on the documents I researched I can't remember if they were part of this one or not.

    The Kawi 650 is cheap in comparison to the 900. Was that because it's produced here or this? Don't know

    The actual document is over 200 pages long
  12. I guess it really doesn't effect me either unless I can source parts for the 800 somewhere in the member nations. I been poking around looking for sources nothing so far.

    13 year old bike something will break eventually. Waiting the mechaniic mean months if he ever finds them. He didn't find the sprockets for the rebuild. Tips from here found them.

    If you can get the parts fast you can get the repairs fast.
  13. every wine drinker in Thailand was hoping AFTA would make wine as affordable as it is in Europe,USA,etc but then Thais got round that with tax chicanery, so a $10 bottle of wine still costs $25 here and I reckon they will do the same scam with vehicles.Look at the Triumph price situation and they are made here.....

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