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  1. I've read through several threads about uploading images, but I can't find the answer to this question:

    Without using links to images, is it possible to upload images directly and include text under each individual image?

    When I post images directly in the thread, all of the images appear at the end of the post. There is no space between the images to add text so I can't label or describe individual images. Is there a way to do this within the forum or do I have to post links and then put comments corresponding to each image under each link?
  2. Sure is possible, and actually quite easy.... even if you insert a block of images!

    The default view in Advanced Editor does not show HTML or BB codes, for obvious reasons... Its harder to edit in code view, and not often required.

    However, if you look at upper right of the post editor you will see an A/A icon... :idea:

    It switches the edit box between standard view and code view. Simply by clicking that, you'll see all the lines of code that handle your images - you can easily insert a line of text between them, being careful not to "break" a code line by inserting text in the wrong place....


  3. In advanced editor, can't you just click on the photo and add captions in the photo editor?
  4. My question is why do some pics have a frame and "Attached Image" on top?
    I use the same process, some pics have a frame, some don't.
  5. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. All of the photos are added in one large block without any way of adding captions between them.

    Perhaps it's a browser issus as I'm using Google Chrome Browser on a Macintosh computer
  6. I've tried this on many computers and different browsers as well, and it doesn't work. I got it to work one time when I posted a block of 4 photos, but when i tried to add more, there were no places to insert text between images, even after i toggled between the A/A icons.

    I also tried to use imageshack, but I can only post links for the images and not the actual images themselves.

    This shouldn't be so difficult!

    I've got loads of photos from trips I want to post, but if i can't space them throughout the post and add captions, it's not worth it.
  7. If you do it this way through an external site, the only way to see the photos is by clicking on the links, right?

    I've seen many trip reports where the images are imbedded in the post in frames, are the same size, have captions and are spaced throughout the post the way the author wants it. How did everybody else get it to work? Did they upload these photos before the site was changed?
  8. I tried this with imageshack, when i clicked on the preview post link i only got the links to the photo, not the photos themselves. Does it work this way in the photobucket too?
  9. Garet,
    I'm with you. Having greatly benefited from the GT R web-site I'd like to contribute something back, but each time get stuffed along the way. I'm using an old MAC (G4), am computer illiterate but isn't there a system for dim-wits.

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