Additives for gasohol anyone know of any?????

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  1. I used to worry about using any gasohol in my bike but its new and has been designed to run it so I use the 95 gasohol so far no trouble.
    However there is still going to be trouble when it comes to Storage of the bike and the deposits in places like the injectors.
    Now I was called back to work for what I thought would be 2 to 3 months so I filled the tank before leaving and I have my wife starting it every 2 weeks and letting it run until the cooling fan comes on and shut it off. Now I have found that it will be at least 8 to 9 months before I can get back home.
    From what I read that gasohol absorbs moister and also becomes unstable and will separate from the gas and settle to the bottom of the tank. I don't think that is a good thing.
    Now I know that Lucus makes a product called Sta-Bil and also injector cleaner and there is also a product called seafoam.
    I have asked before but never had a response IS THERE ANY OF THESE STABILIZER PRODUCTS SOLD IN THAILAND??? if so WHAT WOULD BE THE NAMES OF THE PRODUCTS AND WHERE TO BUY. That way I can send my wife out to get some to add to the tank otherwise I fear that she will one day start the bike running straight alcohol and water from the bottom of the tank and I do think that would be bad for injectors.
  2. 31 views and no one knows. Alright here is what I have been able to track down so far. There is 1 shop in Bangkok that imports Sea Foam. I do have a phone number that I have been trying to call but my Skipe here in Iraq has been hit and miss so I am not sure if it is a good number yet.
    Lucus oil is in Thailand but have not been able to track down retail outlets yet just a lot of racing adds for Lucus promotions and something about the Asian regional manager was hurt in a bomb explosion during the red campaign last year.
    No body seems to know much about additives for gasohol so I will post what all I find out and locations of vendors
  3. I have found some info on the Sea Foam. I have known people that swear by this for cleaning carbs injectors and have heard of people adding it to their oil just before a oil change to cut and clean sludge.

    The address for the supplier in Thailand is
    55 Moo 9 Soi Pracha-Uthit 20 Pracha-Uthit Road Ratburana
    Bangkok, Thailand 10140
    Contact : 662-4285943 662-8708296
    Fax : 662-4283936

    I have tried to call to verify this but my Skype here in Iraq well the internet I should say has been very bad I think from the dust storms today.

    Here is what I have found for Lucus oil and there products for the Asian Market.
    Miguel's Nong Hoi
    As you can see nothing listed for Thailand that I can find.

    I know their must be other products already on the market in Thailand. But know one can seem to tell me about them.
  4. I have some octane booster laying around that I used to use in my dirt bike when I could only get benzine 91.

    Can it be used safely in gasahol I wonder?

    Maybe an option to get our performance bikes er, performing?
  5. when not using my ducati or Nissan car for long periods I fill up with 95 regular from Caltex to protect my fuel systems
  6. Regular petrol is coming to an end so a long term solution is required and I too am very interested in this

    What I do now when away for over a week, is have my house husband shake the bikes by holding the brake and pumping the forks, start , close off the petcock, and run until the carb/fuel system is dry, and if possible in its last death throes spray in a squirt of carb cleaner.

    I would love to find some fuel stabilizer designed for E-10, but will still do the weekly start and run programme
  7. I have a Mukini HSR45 on my Dyna and Mikuni tells me that the older ones do not cope well with E-10. Mine is 6 years old and I just had to rebuild it with a Mikuni kit.
    Apparently the new generation kits/carbs are better but they still were not keen on long term reliability with E-10

    E-10 will phase separate so best to shake it up after sitting for 8 months

    In any case I need 95 and soon we all will have no choice to use gasohol so make your bike run on it if you can.
    Good luck
  8. Phase separation is a chemical process and no amount of shaking the tank is going to reverse it.

    "When gasoline containing even small amounts of Ethanol comes in contact with water, either liquid or in the form of humidity; the Ethanol will pick-up and absorb some or all of that water. When it reaches a saturation point the Ethanol and water will Phase Separate, actually coming out of solution and forming two or three distinct layers in the tank."

    If phase separation of gasohol occurs in a fuel tank the only solution is to drain the tank and refill with good fuel.
  9. I might add that the storage additives for gasohol claim to either prevent phase separation and/or reverse phase separation.

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