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    I will be spending ~8 days towards the end of December riding in Eastern Cambodia. My current plan is to start off from Phnom Penh, then to Kampong Cham, Chhlong, Kratie, Strung Treng, Ban Lung, Sen Monorom, Snuol, Chub and finally back to Phnom Penh. I hope to rent a XR250 as I have done before on a trip to Bokor. I have read through Adventure Cambodia and some of the related threads in this forum, but would like to seek more advice from you guys.

    1) I rented a XR250 at ~USD9 per day from Lucky Lucky on my last trip. However, the odometer wasn't working and they did not offer any basic tools. Adventure Cambodia listed some bike rental shops. Anybody know their rates?

    2) Is the track between Ban Lung and Sen Monorom easy to follow? I understand that the route is challenging but I wonder if there are a lot of confusing turnoffs.

    3) On the route back to Phnom Penh at Chub, I am thinking of going south on highway 11 then northwards on highway 1. Will I be able to cross the river?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    did a R/T...Phnom Penh, then to Kampong Cham, Chhlong, Kratie, Strung 2001. Road was not bad for this novice rider...easy going!
    Have yet to to the rest of your route...and can't comment. Do a more intensive search on the net...there are stories online about that section. Yet, many of the roads, both in the cities and outside have gone through significant improvement in the last 5-years.

    Had rented from 'Lie' and his wife at Lucky! Lucky!($5/day)for that earlier trip. None of his bike have odos connected...insist he do it..and check brakes, lights, etc. before taking delivery!!
    For some of the best maintained rental bikes in PPenh, current prices are now $21/day from The Bike Shop (301-Street 32, just off Monivong).
  4. belgarathc

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    hmm.. $21 seems on the high side. I guess I will try Lucky! Lucky! again then. [:)]
  5. jorai

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    For this kind of trip, I suggest you have the lucky! bike double checked at another mechanic. You can also agree on a deal to buy essential spare parts and resell what you don't need.

    2. The track is not easy to follow at all. There are multiple tracks all over the place and without local knowledge, you are lost. Take a guide from Banlung, such as Lim or Lot.

    3. If you are thinking of crossing the river at Neak Loeung, yes, there is a ferry.

    I did the trip last year with 3 friends on dirtbikes. We made it in 5 days. Consider traveling through Stung Tran and Han Chey on your way from K Cham to Chhlong.

    Check my blog for very detailed info and hundreds of photos from this very trip:
  6. belgarathc

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I have visited your blog before and understand that it cost around USD60 for a guide. But I hope I can get by with directions from the villagers.
    I guess I will make the decision when I reach Ban Lung.

    Anyway, I will be relying on the following map. I do not own a GPS unit. Any comments?

  7. harrythefinn

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    The Gecko Map I know is pretty reliable for that area. I have done it south - north twice , atleast go in a group or with a buddy. Take water and food it's quite easy to get lost without a GPS, there is always flat tyres and minor breakdowns slowing you down.If the road is passable locals will be using it. Minimum you want one spare tube (front, it will also fit the rear at a pinch, but rear won't fit the front)tyre irons,pump,patch kit (more than one flat?)chain links,basic tools to remove wheels.It's always a good idea to check the wheel bearings,chain,valve clearances,oil change, before leaving PP. It takes 2 days Sen Monoron to Ban Lung.Good Luck.
  8. belgarathc

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    thanks for the advice, I have just gotten myself a used garmin etrex legend cx. i will try to get hold of the gecko map once i reached phnom penh. [:)]
  9. alric

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    I plan doing the same trip at the end of january/early feb.
    If anyone wants to join me, I'd like to hear from you
  10. Pauche

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    Does anybody know where I can download the Cambodia map for Garmin GPS?
  11. bill

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    I did the Sen Monorom-Banlung trip back in April 2004
    Some of my post from that time may still be relevant.
    Heard they have upgraded some of the road at the Sen Monorom end ... mondulkiri
  12. belgarathc

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    Hi again, I have completed the loop and would like to comment on the roads from Ban Lung to Sen Monorom. The sandy path from Lumphat to Kaoh Nhek is indeed very fun :p I believe I averaged 20km/h++. However, I don't think it's as tough as hyped to be. Most of the branch offs actually lead back to the same path. I met a local who's just brought some tourists from Sen Monorom to Ban Lung and he's returning to Sen Monorom through this so-called 'death highway'. Kaoh Nhek to Sen Monorom is a direct hit and the road is in very good condition.

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