Advice needed please, touring laos on a Honda Dream?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by pod, Sep 17, 2011.

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    I know this has probably been covered a few times on here already but i did a quick search and couldn't find anything, so any advice would be much appreciated. Me and my girlfriend are heading to Laos next month having been there previously in 2007. Some of our best experiences from our last visit were hiring a scooter and heading off for 3-4 days at a time and getting off the beaten track. We are hoping to do more of this and were wondering on the legalities of buying a couple of scooters in Laos, do you have to be a Laos resident to buy a vehicle? or maybe a better option would be to hire a bike for a few weeks from vientaine and do the north and then hire another one somewhere further south? Would the rental shops be reluctant to do this if they knew how far you we were going?

    I know a lot of you probably won't recommend doing any sort of distance on a scooter and opt for a bigger bike but neither of us has much experience with big bikes. Also the availability of parts if anything goes wrong etc. We will of course have a bike each and won't be taking much luggage so weight won't be too much of an issue and if a Honda Dream can carry a whole Laos family i think it could manage me! We also have as much time as we want, which i know we will need!

    While searching the forums someone mentioned a post in the 'trips' section that seemed to be someone doing a similar thing but i couldn't find it.

    Sorry for all the questions in a first post! Ill make sure i post up my experiences.


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    Thanks for the links, nice to know other people have managed similar trips. Shame theres only pictures on the gtmaru posts though. We have changed our plans and are heading to Cambodia first so we're hoping to get to laos around the beginning of November which if im right is the start of the dry season? Hope this makes the roads a bit easier.

    Does anyone know the chances of getting across into Laos with a cambodian bike? Still undecided about wether to rent or buy. Have already bought the gtrider map so will be able to start planning!

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    We have been offered two Vietnamese registered Honda Wing's that are currently in Cambodia for around $250 each (good deal?), but are concerned about getting the bikes over the border into Laos. Does anyone have any experience with getting bikes across this border? We have heard that the border guards can reduce a 1 month visa to one week because your importing a bike. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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