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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Changnoi1, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Now about 8 months after my accident I am in full mode to start riding again. I did never like the color of my Z250 (black) but the other colors I did not like either.

    So I was thinking of putting stickers / wrap on the bike to make it more colorful. I found a young guy in Khon Kaen that has a shop doing that (HUG Sticker Khon Kaen). He looks to be a real artist in it.

    But .... sticker / wrap is not as hard/strong as paint .... I think. Has anyone experience in using it on your bike?

  2. Changnoi1 I used to put PROGRIP rimstripes on most of my bikes, especially the black ones were nearly invisible at night and with cars or Pickup trucks and their blackened out windows it is impossible for them to see me from the side, very easy to get, to apply and to remove and doesn't cost you even 500 Baht per roll. Available at FASTCORNER shop in BKK or CNX/Panthip Plaza Mall.
    FJR with orange rimstripes:

    Nouvo with rimstripes:

    FZ6 with blue ones:

    GSX750F with orange ones and in the background even on my old SR500 has one around the topcase:
  3. Yes I have 3M reflecting rim tape, works great! On my Versys I did even put some reflecting tape that you see on trucks. I might add to the Z250 also.

    The all bike looks so boring in mat black so I was thinking more in terms of this
    The Pha Daeng Mansion

    That is with cars, but he does that with motorbikes as well. I tried to put a photo of it in the original post but it does not work for some reason.

    But what I was wondering .... does wrap/sticker really stay on the bike? Is it not easily damaged?

    For the same price as the full-wrap/sticker & design job I can by all new plastic for the bike in a new color (orange).
  4. Surface must be clean, no grease, oil or anything there, then the stickers should not be a problem. Only when they deteriorate because of UV and become brittle and some cleaner seeing the need in hosing the bike down with a Kaercher will you have problems, but in this event your bike might be already up for sale as too old for you to still enjoy it.............:mrgreen:
  5. If it's for outside use it will have UV block, I did wrap my old bike and it was good and no problems.

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