Advise needed for a swap out rear shock for Motard

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  1. Hi Guys

    I need to swap out the rear shock and spring on my Lifan x-plore as I'm getting a lot of back probs. I'm around a 100KG

    Can anyone recommend a decent adjustable rear shock( preload, rebound and compression damping) for this bike.

    Any advice on an expert dealer in CM to give the proper advise would be gratefully received.
  2. The Lifan x-plore will probably have the cheapest rear shock ever made.....sorry to disrespect your Lifan but it can't be quality at that price!

    I would find a bike shop that is authorized to sell YSS shocks & get them to call and ask if they have an adjustable shock for your bike. If not, ask if they (YSS Thailand) can make a custom shock for you! 2-3 weeks is the usual time needed to make a one off, maybe 5000 - 9000thb depending of amount of adjustment or piggyback required.
  3. No disrespect taken. I know it is not the best, that is why I need to change it out. I have e-mailed YSS so thank you so much for your reply.
  4. Don't bother emailing them, they are terrible with English emails!! I did email them myself about a D-tracker rear shock & they just said "CANNOT...NO HAVE".

    My local bike shop (YSS dealer) however phoned them up & they said "yes, no problem....what weight is customer, what color you want spring & do you want piggyback or not!!" with a 2-3week waiting time.

    I got a new spring from the US & upgraded my shock by myself in the end but never try and by-pass a YSS dealer by won't work. lol
  5. Correct, YSS will only deal with you via a dealer.
  6. Any recommended dealers in CM David?
  7. Try Sangchai Panich on Kaew Nawarat road.
  8. Well I have now try 2 dealers so far. The first dealer just could not be arsed because it is not on their list in the shop. long story but in the end I'm guessing she didn't even ring YSS but the answer was ' Mai me' 2nd dealer I tried got his little chart out and when he realized it was not listed said ' mai me'. I asked him to ring the dealer to see if they could mod some thing up like you suggested. He asked me to wait a week and didn't ring me , suprise , suprise.!! Anyway I went back again to see him today and another long story but I think he couldn't be arsed either. When I hung around he gave me some bullshit that it will be at least 20, 000 baht and will take 2 months because he says Yss normally want an order for at least 100 units. I have to laugh because when I didn't flinch he finally got a caliper out and measured the dam thing. I recon that he thinks he has got another silly farang with a fat wallet and will try to fleece me and whack a big premium on top of what Yss charge. Anyway he now wants another 2 days to figure it out and said he will call me back. ha ha ha....anyone would think that I'm asking for a special part for an Apollo rocket or some thing not a bloody part for a copy of a 10 year old Honda. Anyway I will wait and see what he has to say if he can be bothered to call me. Should be Amusing at the very least!
  9. I went out on Sunday David and they where closed. I will try again in the week. They looked like a Honda only dealer, Is this correct?

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