Africa Twin Engine Problems

Discussion in 'Technical' started by chiangsaen.peter, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. It's quite unusual and never happend to me. I have owned dozens of A'Twins in Europe and New Zealand. Anyway, I got this RD07, 1994 build ATwin. bought it two yrs. ago from Robert and now I am stuck in Pai with engine problems.
    need help and advise: while driving on a rough road in the ch. rai district near the maenam kok river and the mydream guesthosue I experienced suddenly extreme vibrations in the engine - but only in the RMP range of 3500-4000. I got high oil consumption, 0.5 l on 1000 kms. high fuel 7 l. on 100 kms. (use 91 benzine).where do you think is the problem? Camshaft (equilibr.) damaged, bearings, pistons? Any suggestions and tech.advise appreciated. I used SaMoto for a recent service incl. carbs cleaning after storage of 6 months.
    I will try to drive back to CNX on low revs only and get a mechanic to analyze the problem. Which Mechanic you reckon? Its is worth to open up the engine?
    THANKS FOR ALL THE HELPING IDEAS in advance. :cry:
  2. Hi Peter,

    I'm not used to the AT, but, as a V-twin, are your carbs well balanced? Did it happen before or just after you made a carb cleaning? MAYBE because this cleaning, they could become "un-balanced"?..

    Is there some "noise": bling-bling or clong-clong or kla-kla or rrrrr-rrrrr?..
    If no "strange noise", nothing severe a-priori...

    Did you notice a "lost" of power?..

    At first time, don't worry for the BIG problem: AT engine is nearly bullet-proof... Maybe it's only a little "bug"... Maybe have a good check of all that can be adjusted: carbs, timing, sparks...

    Good luck,
  3. One thing - DO NOT ride the bike in this condition. Get a pickup truck to take you both... Ask me why I'm saying this?

    Good luck!

  4. Hi
    the problem is the solution!
    Watit from the Piston Shop did the job!
    A loose connecting cable (air?) to the carbs.
    It has been fixed now.
    thanks for your help.
  5. Peter
    Good stuff getting it sorted out.
    I never heard from you again after I SMS-ed & phoned you from Pai where I missed you by a couple of hours & was wondering what you had done after my suggestions.

    So I'm glad one was right - Nat at the Piston shop looked after you & my front sprocket theory was wrong. The front sprocket wearing the spline on the drive shaft necessitates a complete engine strip down & costs significant money.
  6. Good Bert...
    All easily fixed...

    You know, through my humble life of (classic) bikes and cars owner/driver/doctor, I noticed "little things" may many times cause "big problems".
    1) when something happens, at first never expect a big trouble but think about "by what I have to begin to check easily",
    2) a well (daily/weekly/monthly) cared bike drastical"y reduces the "risks". At least by following the "maintenance chart" from the manufacturer...

    Enjoy your AT Bert!

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