Africa Twin stolen in Chiang Mai REWARD, now 50,000 bht

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  1. Hi All,
    I had an Africa Twin 750 stolen today, Nov 5, about 4:30 PM in front of Panthip Plaza, near Anusarn Market, Chagklan Rd. It is a red, white and blue 95, same as Dave's at this web site. Only a couple in town. Police have been notified and a 30,000 bt reward is available leading to the recovery of the bike. The police are also up for the reward.

    Frame # RC17-1006029
    Engine # RD04E-1200006

    Email adress, will get it any time, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    My phone, 0860796395
    Wife's phone, 0816025637
  2. Max
    Bloody hell, sorry to hear the news. Never heard of that in Cnx. Unbelievable. Hope you get your bike real soon.
    But exactly where was your bike parked & was it locked?
  3. So sorry for you Max!

    I can understand what you feel, having one bike stollen some years ago back home...

    A little surpsised too because CNX is a very peaceful city. On a "busy" afternoon, like this... Wow! Yes, very rare to hear of this... But very bad when it happens to you, for sure.

    Good luck to get it back, Max
  4. I can't remember hearing of a big bike being stolen in Chiang Mai in the time I have been here. Pretty surprising as they usually have guards walking around the bike parking area at Panthip. They always tell me to lock the bike.
  5. I bet the guards know something...
  6. Hi Friends,

    Does it exist in Thailand. I thought LOS was completly safe for big bikes, very surprising to hear such issue...
  7. When I lived in a small village, one traffic light, one 7/11, I didn't bother to lock my door or bike in front of the house. One morning my CBR was missing, and the neighborhood was surprised, it never happened before that even an old bucket was stolen. When I informed police I found out that over the last night six new Honda Waves, my CBR and three cows went missing. The police explained that sometimes gangs check out rural areas, look for targets and then strike overnight. By the time I woke up my bike was already in a chop shop in BKK...
  8. I would not leave anything unlocked or unattended anywhere in the world, it is not something that's new also in LOS, the area where I am living is very much a burglar/thieves area but not much more than in my native Austria. For example when I was in Chiang Mai 20 years ago a hired Suzuki-Crystal was stolen right in front of the guesthouse I stayed and the next day the security guy was missing....... So wherever you are, lock everything you have and don't be naive that nothing's gonna happen.
    Max I'm sorry to hear about your stolen AT !!!! I hope police can somehow recover it soon. Right now, just keep in mind that the economy worldwide is in a bad shape, people don't have enough funds for their daily lives and many are and will loose their jobs, that will create even more problems. The drugproblem is getting bigger again and especially these guys are very bold when it comes to theft; this is not limited to some industrial areas but it's everywhere. Just talk to locals and you'll hear that even in small villages theft is common, although just small things of little value, but it happens. Not more and not less like anywhere else in the world. Keep your stuff & house save & locked ! I've got a dog since 9 years that sleeps inside the house in the evening, that's for example a pretty good burglar alarm, all windows and doors are secured with welded on steelbars (I hope I don't get a fire inside any day)............
  9. last week I locked my 600 baht helmet to my honda wave while I went for something to eat, and by the time I came back, someone had cut the helmet strap and taken it.
  10. Helmets are very easy target, espesially if they look nice, thats why i carry or lock them inside bannier, would never leave anythihing hanging outside what can be removed.

    just to let you know how desperate thais are,, they even stole electrical cables from the pole it they know that there is copper inside.
    and not so long time ago,, those luggage trolleys in Suvarnaphumi airport one gang stole 500 trolleys and put them in parts and try to sell them back to airport,,,i mean how stupid is that...but it give you an idea how the things are here...
  11. Come on Max.....any feedback. Was your bike insured against Fire & Theft at all?
  12. Helmets are very easy target, espesially if they look nice, thats why i carry or lock them inside bannier, would never leave anythihing hanging outside what can be removed.

    just to let you know how desperate thais are,, they even stole electrical cables from the pole it they know that there is copper inside.
    and not so long time ago,, those luggage trolleys in Suvarnaphumi airport one gang stole 500 trolleys and put them in parts and try to sell them back to airport,,,i mean how stupid is that...but it give you an idea how the things are here...
    I'm glad I trusted my instincts and didnt leave my helmet and jacket on the bike at Doi Suthep. It just didnt seem right to leave a $500 helmet and $200 jacket right there no matter how busy or patrolled it might be. Was disappointing not to go up the steps, but those would have been some expensive photos if gone missing.
  13. I understand from two separate sources that Max's two previous bikes
    1. Honda Dream
    2. Honda 400
    were also stolen.

    Max, something is obviously wrong. If you're not trying an insurance scam you might want to try looking in your immediate environment for someone who is setting you up.

    I don't believe Chiang Mai / North Thailand is that dangerous for stolen big bikes. But that does mean you should be stupid or careless.
    Take care & be security conscious, don't leave yourself wide-open for theft with valuables laying around unsecured / unprotected.
  14. Hmmmm... three bikes stolen...
    Maybe you should have bought that goldchain...
  15. The whole thing is F.....d, and yes between the wife and I, we have lost three bikes. First one was at Ban Thai apartments, a CB 400. Got home 3AM and did not lock it. Three guards in a locked parking lot. One of them was in on it. The second was a Honda wave the wife had bought a couple years ago for her family. Dad let some guy use it and never saw it again. Then the last one, you all know about. No it was not insured. I had got the quote a couple weeks ago. I should have known better. Middle of the afternoon, people everywhere, and guards. Again one of them made a call and probably kept watch while we ate lunch.
  16. I always use a lockable chain on my grey/white '04 AfTwin (bought from Robert), as the steering lock doesn't work anymore.
  17. I just wasn't aware of how bad it is out there. I will not make the same mistake again.

    If the bike is still intact, it can easily be ID'ed for any of you out on a ride.

    Monkey Devil in red on the rear fender
    An identical wind screen to stock but handmade, no DOT stamps, etc
    Right headlight has horizontal crack
    Trip meter screen is foggy and can not be read
    Speedo has black paint over speed dial above 160K/Hr, inside lower right.
    Tack does not work.
    Some fresh silver paint on the lower case, both sides near pegs.

    Engine and frame number listed above.
    Plate is 55 Prachin Buri

    Reward is now 50000 bht if can be found intact.
  18. When my CBR was stolen, police retrieved the frame a week later. Somebody saw someone dumping something off a bridge at night and called the police.
    I identified the frame, besides the chain everything was gone, totally stripped, even the stickers! Triple clamps, rear swingarm, totally picked clean.
    They returned the frame to me after a long procedure. When I asked for my green book, which they kept when I went to inform them of the theft, they told me I won't get it back since the bike is now registered as stolen in the main computer.
    I had the frame sitting behind my house for a year or so and when I moved, I dumped it off the same bridge.
    Don't know if thieves part out big bikes, but especially older models are more money in parts, and for stolen bikes it may be the only way to turn them into money by parting out.
    Maybe have a look in Red Baron's parts hangar - oops, baaad joke! But maybe a smaller big bike part shop may have some Africa twin parts that look familiar...
  19. Hi Friends,

    Does someone knows how "THEY" operate for big bikes ?

    Do "THEY" act upon order, do "THEY" take the bike on truck, do "THEY" run with it, do "THEY" attack protected bikes with anti thieft accessories...

    I think if big bike thieft becomes a threat in LOS, then we have to care about protection, like in Europe for instance where big bikes thieft has highly decreased due to an improve degree of protection.

    It would be interesting to know the way "THEY" do it to act consequently...

    On my side, knowing about that from now onward, I will be less "innocent" and lock the bike more often and more seriously than I did during years in this country

    David, does it exist insurance for this risk in Thailand, how does it works ?
  20. Hi Max!

    This really sucks! I feel genuinely sorry for you and hope they'll soon find and return your AT to you.
    Ironically, you appear in this forum as "pedestrian"... :lol:

    Look on the bright side though: In the 15 days since the theft, your story has been read by over 730 bikers. No doubt everyone is looking out for your baby. If she hasn't been ripped apart, I'm sure she will be found.

    Good luck, dude!
  21. Sorry to hear that Max, it sounds as though some grim jinx is following you mate.

    I am also very interested as to how the thieves go about stealing bikes.
    At home I own a top of the range sports car and that thing has the toughest discloc money can buy. Professional thieves hate them.

    But for bikes? This sounds pretty grim so is it just a case for engaging the steering lock everywhere we go or humping a great thick chain around?
    If it's a pick-up crew there's not really much we can do, is there?

    Max I've put your bike on my website as stolen.
    It's not a moving and shaking site but it might get a few more eyeballs on the streets looking.

  22. I just got into CM today and saw an Africa Twin as described driven by a long curly haired guy around Panthip Plaza with a light colored helmet and a black covered box on the rear..
  23. Hi Blue Max,

    Not difficult to steal a bike even well locked when you have the skills... I mean a truck or a van, 4 guys and 2 skate-boards. Nothing more! Within 1 minute your bike is away... Not very discreet but effective!
    And I suppose you guess how to do this, hey!?

    Some years ago, in France, a very popular bike magazine made the event by stealing a bike by this way in Paris for the show.The bike was parked and locked at night on the pavement at some 10 meters from the main entrance of a police station where 2 policemen were guarding the door. No matter, in 30 seconds the bike flew away in the van without the lift of an eye brow from the policemen...
    The advice there is to stick the bike to a road sign with a chain going through the rear wheel, the rear shocks, the swing arm and the frame!.. So a 3 meter long and 4 kilogramme chain! You have to get a very strong backpack for sure!..

    I met a guy in the suburb of Paris. Once, he locked his bike at night with a chain at a road sign but by the front wheel. The next morning at the time to go to work he only found the front wheel of his bike attached to the sign!

    No Blue Max, I never tried by myself the "system" :wink:
    I just heard this from a guy moving in some gang there...

  24. Hi Friends,

    I don't want to put shame on us the Frenchies, but Gobs is right, it's quite a French skill to thief bikes:

    -Only two rollers, a truck and your bike is in.

    -Few minutes after, magic, you open the truck and the bike is separate in parts.

    -Few hours after, parts are on E-Bay and bye bye !

    ....But still, I have difficulties to believe that 3 bikes have already been stolen to our Friend, specially in CNX or someone (not so far from us) as most Bikkers from Thailand and neighbourhood suscribe and are active on the Forum would had place a "contract" beforehand in the need of a precise model and/or/or parts ??? I don't believe it still...
  25. In Asia skate boards aren't that common. Here it seems to be 2 pieces of bamboo and 4 guys,one thru each wheel. A friend lost a XR600 in Cambodia while sitting down and eating noodles , a car pulled up and parked between him and his bike, shielding the theft from his view. Over in seconds he said. Expensive noodles.

    Park where you can see your bike and stay at trusted places, if you are a repeat customer the people running the business are more likely to look after you. Many G.Houses now chain/wire rope motorcycles together over night. Any other ways to avoid theft?

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