Africa Twin trip meter replacement

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Chiang_Mai_Martin, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Anyone know if I can buy a trip meter locally (Chiang Mai) as my stock one has given up the ghost..... I'd like to buy a Trail Tech Lynx or Endurance but anything considered!

  2. Don't know of anything available locally, but I strongly recommend the Trail Tech Striker

    • Speed
    • Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Distance
    • Clock
    • Maintenance
    • Powered
    • More Features
  3. Thanks David..... just been in contact with the Thai importer (Megadirt in Khon Kaen: 081 262 2355 & [email protected] ) who said he has none in stock but advised me check out the website and he could import for me..... the Lynx is discontinued but I like the look of that Striker.

    Also, K. Dtu at Triumph said he'll probably be able to source me an original AT unit in Japan, so I'll look at the price for that first.
  4. Get it direct from the US.
    I once tried to use MegaDirt & was not impressed with the service & price quoted - all way over the top.

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