Afternoon in Phang Nga Bay

Mar 21, 2007
Nackers and i decided that the old blokes should give the muppets a run for their money ! ...We're not up to it but had fun trying.
Late night prep...setting valve clearances on the XR


We headed off the island over the Surisan bridge and took a right...first one looked good!
Ended up on the Khlong Khian Pier , 600 odd m out to sea!



Decided we'd try and follow the coast as much as possible and take whatever tracks came our way.


Ran out of black top..good sign then just followed power pole til we ran out...ok time to motard offroad ! yeeha..


Tracks were great, a maze of them thru the rubber plantations.



ended up in a little village...dead end....but no ther's a road just over the hill on the GPS. Gota find it some how....

at this stage I think my brain disengaged ....Nackers saying...I don't think so.
No worries mate we'll be right !
Up and Up we went....get almost past the point of no return....very steep.

Ok this is as far as we go!...
Not to be beaten I ventured off on foot...there's bound to be a way over.
Thought I'd done a great recce....mate there's a track coming up from the otherside...just got to get back down here and we'll be sorted.

At this stage the old physical shape barrier raised its ugly head...lactic acid poisoning....totally rooted!
Back down in the village...strang Farang ritual..blessing the defeated rider !

Just a short recce into the bush just off the island and you're not the only ones who can have fun....
great day out and we're planning more....any locals fancy heading out for a ride drop us a line.
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Aug 27, 2007
Yep was a great fun coupla hours and right on the back door step makes it very convenient.
The little Degree still going great after haulin 2 fat arses ( wife and I)around Laos and Thailand for 5 weeks.
But a pair of knobbies might be a it more predictable in the rough stuff. Also think being a bit fitter might help when we're hanging off the sides of steep mountains eh Si ????
Jun 21, 2006
simon awesome stuff! the cliffs look awesome and those trails looked half decent aswell. good on ya dude.
i reckon riding motard off-road improves you so much. for me anyway i reckon its taught me the over-rated art of throttle control. i guess cos its more difficult to get the street tyre to hook up then when you are on knobblies its a piece of cake. perhaps anyway!

so when are you and the lardy xr back in chiang mai? i reckon a full on knobbly dirt ride is the goer next time with some R&R in fang and chiang rai!

p.s do you reckon theres enough off-roading in the area to warrant the honky trucking his crf450 down there?? those views look bloody tempting.
Mar 21, 2007
Hey Luke...great to hear from you man...was beginning to think us guys in the south don't count...barely a response.....
Seriously an awesome place to explore...give us a few more weeks of bashing and i reckon we'll have some awesome tracks worked great to have the boys down here.....I think you and B+T might be able to work your charm down south....although I gaurantee its more expensive !!!!
Stay well mate and keep that throttle open....
The new wheels for the XR didn't work out at all but now have a gen Honda front so still seeking an XR400 rear off road _ 18" the new horny FMF headers and can on...some very kind dude brought it up as hand luggage from Singers....pumper carb on the way now...the old 650 has some competition now.....
keep taking care of our old man..B+T wish i was up there with you guys...
Aug 18, 2008
This is VERY inspiring!! Just arrived here and looking for a bike. If I find one before your next adventure, I'd love to join ya.

I am very happy to see there is some good old dirt riding available locally.

Thanks for the inspiring photos and ride report guys!

PS: Please keep me posted if you know of a good ride for sale.
Oct 12, 2005
Siinthai- great report mate!!!! Loved the pic of you shagged :D . Post that in our GT male calender thread. You look haggard, good on you. Lactic acid is to be avoided at all costs. I looked at the GPS on our last dirt ride luke and I did......2 1/2 hours riding and 4 1/2 hours stopped, a proper anti lactic acid approach to riding.

Glad to see you gents enjoying yourselves. Too many forget how to have a good time. Looks like you got it dialed in.

Trail looks pretty interesting on the motard tires, good on ya.

never even knew there was a section for you gents on the board. Never looked down that far before. Bad habit from my dating life carrying over. Never look at the bottom half keeps you from being dissappointed. Haha.
Jun 21, 2006
si there is a pair of xr250 off road wheels for sale in the chiang mai motocross shop. i just bought the front to fit on my 650 but the rear is still for sale. if thats of any interest the guy is 0817965991- NAE. i think he wants about 5000 for it with disc and sprocket. good luck and keep putting up shots from riding down there, oh and dont forget your entry into the GT MALES thread, i reckon you could be the new mr. september with that sensual splashing of water of the head shot!

Simon, Noel,

Seems like my cyberspace life mirrors reality - it's been years since I have been as far south as Phuket and it was only Simon's link in another post that bought me this far south down the board. Glad you posted Si, looks like you both had a ripper of a time and wow, you guys have got some beautiful backdrops to ride against 8)

I'm guessing you will be out and about more now looking for trails to give the XR and the Degree a good hammering and Si, I am "Mr September" but the oh so sexy water shot surely deserves to be allocated a month!

Lastly, a heartfelt thanks to both of you for your solid support of TJ and Elle in these difficult times.

Cheers guys,

Mar 21, 2007
Mate, there's a very handy little link button right hand side of forum index
....view posts since last visit....keeps you in tune....don't forget your poor southern brethren...we have to put up with beautiful beaches, glorious sunshine, magnificent views, bikini clad women....and now great places to ride tooo.....hopefully we get some visits from the men up north.
The downside is we have to deal with the scum of earth farangs who seem to creep out from under every rock around here....there's one in particular who has taken to lurking on this site.....a piggy eyed, thieving prick ! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.....

Don't let that discourage you though lads....come on down for a visit.....and just to remind you....this is where we ride
Aug 27, 2007
Si, Your above missive could perhaps be read a little ambiguously by some. I know where your coming from......others may draw an incorrect conclusion.
Consider yourself smacked Miss September.
See ya tomorrow.