Airfilter Cleaning

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  1. Just wondering how people clean their airfilter...
    I have three to do
    Yes it gets dusty in pattaya..

    I use to boil up hot water and soak and wash in a bucket and that took ages and a lot of work.

    A friend puts a whole bunch at one time on delicate cycle in the washing machine.... not keen on that idea..

    Today filled up a big bucket of water poured in a cup of washing machine powder and leaving the air filters to soak for two days and stir up occasionally

    Any one have other methods to share making this task easier? Airfilter oil and grease on the part that makes contact with the bike

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  2. Interesting read.
    Looks like my filter is keeping the dirt out..

    This is the inside
    The discolouration on the contact edge is the grease
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    I’ve always just washed them in turpentine and never had any problems. They dry a lot quicker than when using water. I personally wouldn’t be using boiling water. You can buy air filter cleaner which is a complete rip off. $22 a litre. Turps $3 a litre.

    These filter skins are a good idea. You don’t have to wash the complete filter so often. (theres many other brands)

  4. Cheers Rexy,
    I like the idea of the skins.. Though once we put one on the KLX..
    Left Ubon heading to the border and the bike was running so bad after a while..
    We stopped wondered what was wrong.. I thought my trip was over before we started..

    Then we said.. Lets take the skin off.. The bike ran smoothly again...

    So wonder how much they reduce the air flow?

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  5. Wash in parts cleaning solvent.
  6. Actually the best way was just to leave soaking in a bucket of soapy water. Came back two days later and all the oil had separated. ( guess it helps with the heat in Bangkok ) one more hand rinse in clean soapy water then rinse in water and hang up below the air con unit and dry the next day
  7. How do you guys do the re-oiling of the filter after cleaning? What kind of oil and how much and how to apply?
  8. I dilute a small quantity of any motor oil aboot 50/50 with gasoline;
    saturate sponge & squeeze excess out back into jar for next time.
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    Put the airfilter in a plastic bag. Pour in a little filter oil. Using MotoRex. Then massage the oil through out the bag until the filter is totally covered and absorbed. Reuse the bag for the next one or throw away.

    If away for the weekend keep a spray can of filter oil in the pickup.

    Put grease around the seal of the foam.. you can buy this in home pro
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  10. Thanks for the oiling tips, will try next time. Where did you find the filter oil as I seem to not being able to find it anywhere in Thailand?

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