An affordable home made ramp

Discussion in 'Technical' started by DutchMike, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. I was looking for a ramp to load my D-tracker on our pick-up truck, could not find it in Thailand, and order one from abroad is rather costly.
    The solution is to make one or have one made for you; I decided to do it myself.
    A ladder, iron bars and some wood did the trick.
    Not long ago I bought a Honda CB500x and together with my weight (85 kg) it is still strong enough, does not bend or crack.

    I demonstrate the ramp on Youtube:
  2. Well done Mike. It works a Treat!
  3. Great Idea!! Thanks
  4. Thanks Ian, it's not a beauty, but it works...
  5. My pleasure!
  6. Nicely done though, FWIW good quality ramps are available here for small money-
  7. That Looks a Great Deal Tony! Thanks.
  8. Well, that is what I was looking for, for a while, before I decided to make one as I could not find it.
    Great price too. Thanks for letting me know.
    For me it is also essential that it fits in my pick-up together with the bike, I have a small pick-up truck.
    This looks longer than my 'cut in 4' ladder.
  9. Well, it looks like I created some business for them..
  10. Thanks Brian, I'll have a look at their shop next time I am in town (I live near Chanthaburi). As a matter of fact, I do not need a ramp that often. Only if I want to change landscape and have little time for a tour I prefer to travel the first 1000 km or so by pick-up. For the time being, my home made ramp will do that job. Cheers, Mike

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