An eventful track day

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  1. I have seen many things on race tracks over the years. Dogs, Lizards, Monkeys, Snakes. Today we had a Pig.

    A friend asked me for some ridding tips today so I offered to follow him and video him riding the track.
    He was riding a new CBR600RR. He asked how he should position his body through the corners.
    I said the best way to understand and learn is for you to look at yourself on the bike.
    So we went out and I followed him for about 4 laps.

    Look at the Video below for a couple of issues but not with the guy I followed, but on the track.

    In the first turn after the pits there is a guy who has crashed on his back not moving. He was there for two laps. It is hard to see him so look closely.

    You need to pause the video going through the corner and you will see the bike on its side and him lying on the top of the kerb on his back with one arm raised. We went around for two laps which is about 4 minutes and the guy was still in the same position and no one (Marshals) had gone to him.

    That is so slack by the track people not to see him or have track marshals there. This type of thing would never happen in Australia. But this is Malaysia so that is how it is.

    Then as we went around the track once more I decided to pass the guy I was following and then I saw a yellow flag so I slowed and went wide into the corner as I wasn’t sure what was going on.

    After going around the corner, you will see the giant PIG on the track. The thing was still alive and quivering as I passed it. The guy on the Ducati, who is stopped next to the track on the next corner, hit it with the left side of the bike and luckily, didn’t crash.
    But the impact had enough force to bend his front disk, possible the fork bent, the gear lever broke off and the solid foot peg was bent right back. The lower fairing was ripped off. Bloody hell!!!!
    Can you imagine running into that thing at that speed. That’s about 140KPH at that point of the track.

  2. Whahaha! Good stuff! You think the tracks are bad in Malaysia? Try riding on a Thai track some time? Track Marshals? What's that?! Glad the fellow on the Duc escaped injury! Hope he likes Bacon!
  3. When you said "Pig" I initially thought you meant Harley Davidson. :)

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