Ancient Temples Of Chiang Saen

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    Chiang Saen is a wonderful historic town full of ancient temples, dating back up to 750 years. As well as 70+ temple sites within the old town walls, there are another 60+ outside the walls.
    I was out and about on the old BSA recently, when I found a newly restored temple, Wat Pa Daeng.
    2019-10-24 16.01.31.
    Wat Pa Daeng is on top of a small hill overlooking the town to the south west. The remaining parts of the image have been rebuilt to show how large the image originally was. At 7m across, the largest known in the town.

    Ancient temple & ancient bike......
    2019-10-24 16.17.22-1. 2019-10-24 16.19.13-1. 2019-10-24 16.19.40. 2019-10-24 16.21.01. 2019-10-24 16.24.58. 2019-10-24 16.27.01.
    It is an easy dirt road access to get there. 2019-10-24 16.29.58.
    This is another ancient temple nearby. There are no signs giving a name. 2019-10-24 16.39.29-1.
    The well known ancient Wat Chomkitthi is on a hill, northwest of Chiang Saen, outside the walls and the bypass road. There are several ancient temple sites in this area, They probably all date to around 15th Century AD.
    These temples are all north of the 3166, which runs from the bypass west, on the north side of the Kham river, whereas the 1016 highway is on the south side of the Kham river.
    Map ancient temples Chiang Saen.
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    That's a great little find. It's amazing what you can find in your own backyard.

    I will have to come over for a night or two for another fossick around.
    The history of Chiang Saen is really fascinating.

    I've recently been fascinated by the stories of the Shan battles & their involvement in Chiang Saen 1902-04.
    Seditious State-Making in the Mekong Borderlands: The Shan Rebellion of 1902-1904 on JSTOR

    I was never aware of their influence in Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong & the founding of Houei Xai!
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    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.
    Thanks for sharing the description also, as I was actually going to write that it reminds me of Sukhothai.
    Great find! I hope to see it some time.

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