Angkhang Tadman

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  1. Headed out from Mae Chan towards Thaton and stopped at the new Hom Pan Din Vineyard coffee shop. This is a bit further west of Lao Ta and Huai Sala.


    A great spot that does what you need in the mornings. They serve food too.


    Looking across the road towards the Burmese border



    After meeting up with Ron in Chai Prakarn, we took the wonderful 1340 to Ban Yang for a quick look at General Lee’s mausoleum.


    Then on up to Tham Gop. Here is the general’s old house. Which is open as a museum in the high season, when his daughter is there.


    The parade ground


    One of the original mud houses, still in use today


    Stunning setting, where this village is.


    This was probably the soldiers mess kitchen


    and the Barracks block



    Heading north from Tham Gop, the road hugs the border and gets truly spectacular.




    On up to Angkhang


    The border road at Nor Lae. Further north and the extremely steep road down is still closed by the army, apart from for locals.

    We stayed in the Royal Agricultural Station. The bungalows are about 700 Baht each and very comfortable. 2015-07-03%2020.45.15. It had been over 30 degrees C down on the plain. Night time temperature was 17.5 degrees C in Angkhang.  In fact there is no aircon or fan in any of the rooms, as you don’t need it, at any time of year. There is a photo up there, of a field of frost covered grass. End of the year the temperature drops close to freezing as the top of the mountain is over 1900m. A cool getaway in the summer too.

    The restaurant is very good, serving trout and sturgeon fish together with super fresh salads and veggies, all farmed or grown on site. The fresh peach juice was delicious.

    The gardeners work every morning, come rain or shine, to keep it looking perfect.



    This sign speaks volumes about the Thai outlook on life.


    Back down off the mountain on the main route 1249.


    Then we took the 109 across to Mae Suai. Another nice road to ride.


    I then headed east across to Tadman waterfall. This is the reservoir near there. It’s in a hilly area north of PhayaMengrai. It is also the area where the Chiang Rai ATV team operate.


    Not a lot of water in early rainy season, but Tadman does have the largest natural swimming pool in Chiang Rai.



    The National Park area appears to be flying phallus shaped…..

  2. Nice breezy report.

    The food at the Royal Project at Doi Ang Khang certainly sounds inviting

    Thanks for the tip off for Tadman waterfall too. I need to check that one out. What is the village that it is in / near?
  3. There is a traditional Yao village near the waterfall. But maybe the name is wrong and it should be Tad Kwan.

    Here is a link to the Chiang Rai ATV day out.
  4. Just looking at the last photo I posted. It clearly says on the NP sign "Nam Dtok Tad Kwan".  Mistake corrected.......

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