Another Africa Twin for sale - a silver 1997

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  1. Yes another one of my prized Africa Twins is now hitting the chopping block....
    This one is a near perfect condition 1997 RDO7A bike. It is the first year of the 07A front fairing.
    I bought it originally when it was first shipped into Thailand from Japan.
    It has 15,000 kilometers on it. It looks and runs like new. I have owned it for about a year, but seldom used it as I did not want to put any miles on it.
    It has a plate and a green book that is now currently in my name. My asking price is 260,000. I have never seen a more pristine AT for sale in Thailand.
    It comes with the following equipment.........

    Super Trap muffler
    Yamaha turn indicators with running lights
    Scott oiler
    Custom seat
    Acerbis hand guards
    Bagster tank bra
    Bagster tank bag
    Givi crash bars
    25mm bar risers






    Note: reduced photo size to load quicker (Hint).
  2. bro,
    nice bike ..i am stay in malaysia if i stay in thailand for sure i buy ur bike
  3. I am still waiting for the green book of the first African you advertised. As the frame number was not an African Twin RD00 number.
    What's the frame number on this one please??!!
  4. Patience Peter !! The book is being worked on by my friend in Pattaya right now. Should be a couple of weeks to get the book in your name.
    If he cannot get the book in your name I will be more than happy to return your money.......
  5. Peter
    Did you pay for the black AT in full without getting the book? If so let me know how it goes, because I am interested in the bike above, but I am starting to wonder? "It has a plate and a green book that is now currently in my name" should be a same day transaction at the transport office with proper documentation. Maybe someone else on this board can verify this or explain why that is not the case? Robert, not trying to give you a hard time, ANYONE spending 260,000 baht for a bike should be asking these questions. Peter, books get recycled here and new frame numbers etched on, if you want to know from what bike then google the frame #, a lot are CB 750 police bikes from Singapore and Hong Kong or other 750 CC twin cylinder bikes. This is pretty standard and shouldn't present any problems, if the book differs in make, number of cylinders, CC's, then that will be a major redflag (at least in phuket). Always get the invoice as well, just in case you lose the book, book is a fake from a Honda Dream etc. at least you can retain ownership and the authoriites won't impound (steal and resell) YOUR bike. This information is 1st hand for Phuket, I am not sure if it is pertinent to other areas of Thailand. I am still interested in this bike, even if it is invoice only (no book), obviously at lower price then, just not sure how to proceed.
  6. "The book is being worked on by my friend in Pattaya right now"

    How dodgy does that sound ?

    Obviously a fake recycled book otherwise it would be transferred in one day at the land office.

    In rheikels original description of the bike he said it didn't have "shaky paperwork"...................
  7. It can also mean that the book is not on the Bangkok computer ,or the book was one of the stolen ones from Chantaburi, or was not properly inspected when registered, etc etc,A proper book can always be transferred within 48 hours at the Transport dept if it is Kosher, problem books can be sorted but it costs time and money, sometime a lot of time and money.
  8. INTJ.....First get a life, then try to get in more riding time, and log less Internet time. If you are so concerned about the well being of Peter, and wish to act as his free advocate to protect him from the evil machinations of rhiekel, try to email him direct instead of speculating from afar. As David indicated, Peter knows exactly what is going on. He was with me at the vehicle office where I explained everything .
  9. Rheikel,

    Thanks for the advice.

  10. 'The book is being worked on by my friend in Pattaya right now'
    Well, this sounds like something from the Dodgy Brothers, or maybe Arthur Daley !!
    Working on a 'book' could be the mafia working on money laundering, back home you would likely spend time in jail for this, and obviously Rheikel is trying to hide something by saying 'get more riding time, and less internet time', he might be a senior member, but does this show his innocence??
    Maybe he needs a good lawyer.
    Alan Corvey
  11. This is too funny....Now we have one post wonders checking in from the UK with expertise in Thai registrations. Normally you would have to pay for this level of entertainment !
  12. Seems to me that the saying " a little knowledge is dangerous " comes to mind ',what is it with all these guys trying to crab the deal, jealousy i reckon, !. come on you lot, arent we all bikers ? and in my opinion private matters should be kept that way private ! jeez
  13. Alan

    I see that from your first post that you are based in the UK.
    This suggests that you may be unaware of the difficulties faced in obtaining a "legal" big bike in Thailand. Apart from BMW, HD, Ducati & most recently Triumph, none of the big Japanese four were able to bring big bikes into Thailand.

    This is also about to change, vide post in "Any Message Here" - however the big four have decided to only bring in cruisers or sportsbikes. For some idiotic reason, in a region known for its great off-roading, they have chosen in their wisdom not to bring in their new and tasty enduro models.

    Therefore if you want an enduro you either have to look at BMW, which will set you back 2 or 3 times the money that Robert is selling his AT for, or search the 2nd hand market. As I have yet to hear of a 100% legal AT I believe you are very likely going to end up with documents of similar provenance as Robert's.

    Also, you will be hard pressed to find an AT in such a condition that has been owned by someone who knows about bikes and has maintained them properly.

    The green book issue is something that we have grown to live with.
    The determining factor of its "validity" is whether its ownership can be successfully transfered; and secondly, important for those of us who ride regionally, is whether you can cross the border without a red flag being raised by customs and having them impound your bike.
    If you care to read Robert's trip reports to Sumatra, linked in the original AT sale offer thread, then you will see that the bike sold to Peter has had no problems when crossing borders.

    I understand from previous posts that the change of ownership is being handled within the bureaucratic confines of big bike ownership in Thailand, i.e. best to use an agent for guiding the process through.

    Whilst a few may suggest that rheikel is another "wide boy" in Thailand, due to their previous experience when doing business with other farangs here. A cursory search of his postings, will show that he is well known within the GT riding fraternity, who actually goes out and does some epic rides. Again, I suggest [for your enjoyment & amusement] you read his China reports. He is no internet desk jockey, nor Arthur Dailey.

    There are many on this forum who know Robert well, and will vouch for his integrity. The fact that publicly he has offered to refund Peter's money, if the green book process fails, illustrates that he is a man of good faith.

    My own experience when buying new from BMW ,is that it still took a month before I got my green book. More recently, I bought a new Triumph in March - I am told that I should finally be getting the book & plate this week. Nearly eight months later!

    TiT - things take time, and the bureaucratic procedures appear intentionally opaque.

    Before casting the first stone, please check out the circumstance and context in which these bikes are being sold. It certainly pays to be wary, as customers of Motozone & Siam Superbikes, can attest to. But a little research would have shown that rheikel does not deserve to be vilified by persons unaware of the difficulties in acquiring and then owning, insofar as it is possible to, a "legal" Africa Twin in Thailand.
  14. Damn that confusing English slang....Is "wide boy" good or bad???
  15. Isnt it a harley ferguson ? lol
  16. Robert, in "proper English" a wide boy is also known as a "lairy git". I am pleased to confirm you are neither and am happy that Rhodie has painted the picture in plain English(?) as to how different/difficult it can sometimes be here with big bikes. Some people eh......? [;)]

    All we need now is for Azoulay to chip in with his 10 cents/50 centimes worth of "valid opinion" and that will really screw this thread up!!! [:D]


  17. Go for it = put your money where your mouth is, make an offer if you really want it & have the money; or sit on the fence forever, clogging up the message board with questions. I bet same day rego transfer where the bike is registered in Bkk, but probably not Phuket or Chiang Mai.
  18. It's quite amazing, when some is selling an Africa Twin, the so called experts 'come out of the woodwork'

    below is a comment I received when I posted that the AT I was selling for a friend had been sold.

    "the AT in Phuket was sold for 230,000 baht" (posted by me)

    Highly doubtful I would say..............or somebody got ripped off.

    And on the subject of Green Books, when my Degree arrived, my name was already in the green book, I went to the transport department in Phuket, to get the bike Phuket plated, and I waited about 2 months before getting the book back.
  19. I have lived in Thailand before, and bought a second hand car, and now I am back in Thailand, and have just bought a new car. In both cases the registration booklet was immediately available to me, I now only have to change the dealer supplied number plate to a registry issued one, which the dealer is handling.
    I have been introduced to this site by a friend with a motorbike, as I may purchase one later, but am always suspect of interent sites, as per the warnings we are given, to be very careful accepting what you read from them.
    I have never gone through what is written here, in my vehicle dealings, albeit only two.
    My advice is only a warning that any sensible person would give, when dealing with official things such as motor vehicle registration, a very serious thing that can lead to a jail sentence back home, if in any way tampered with, and I'm sure the registration laws are taken seriously here too. The motor vehicle dealer required both my drivers licence and my passport, plus a letter from my embassy in order for me to purchase a car, and this shows to me how the law is followed here.
    So many people get done over by dodgy things from the internet, and if a thing is done honestly, any amount of discussion should be welcome, by honest people
    Alan Corvey.
  20. Must be another public holiday in Paris[:0] or Azoulay is taking another of his 45-odd days off.
  21. Funny how different provinces must have different rules. I bought a brand new Honda Wave from the Honda Dealer on Koh Samui, was 3 months before my green book came through. I brought a brand new Honda Jazz from a Honda Dealer in Bangkok and once again had to wait about 2-3 months for my rego and green book, so had to drive around on the temporary red plates.
    I also bought a Honda Degree second hand,from a bike dealer. When the bike was delivered to me with a green book in my name but registered in a different province, I went to the transport office here on Phuket to get green book changed to Phuket rego and once again waited for about 2 months before getting my green book back again.
  22. You bought a CAR. We're talking motorcycles here. Read Rhodies post about registering an AT, which is even more tough to do than a street bike. I've gone thru registering a couple of big bikes here- the latest off the show room floor from a factory dealer- it took a month for the book and plate. I'm also in the waiting process for a book on a 2001 FZ1 - over 2 months so far (90,000 baht btw[xx(]). I also had a book rejected by the Bangkok office on a bike I sold- that took all of one day, i refunded the money to the buyer.
    I don't know rheikel, never met him, but from his posts he's been straight up about everything. it's not easy dealing with Thai beauracracy about most things, and big bikes are at the top of the pain in the a$$ list. So don't slag somebody off when you have no idea what you are talking about.
  23. Alan
    In your first post you have the gall to accuse someone of dishonesty; and in your second you admit that you have not read the forum before!
    If you had taken the time to do some research you will have soon discovered that the ownership of big bikes has never been a simple issue in Thailand.
    Also, you would have quickly realised that buying a car from a dealership has little baring on private big bike transactions.
    Whilst Thailand does have its collection of ne'er do wells and it is certainly a country where caveat emptor applies, not everyone is tarred by the brush of your jaundiced perceptions.
    I would suggest that you do do a little research and reading of these very forums, as you will find many posts over the years on this very subject; before you start making libellous allegations about someone you have never met, and on a subject you are evidently entirely ignorant.
    Discussion by honest people is what usually takes place on this forum - but it is normally based upon experience and knowledge.
    Long may that continue.
  24. Isn't it funny how some people go on the defensive, just like a guilty person would. 'The book is being worked on by my friend from Pattaya', and I'm assuming this being the Registration Booklet, would hardly need to be 'worked on' by an honest person. The booklet in question, would be handed straight over to the new owner, and taken to the Registration Department, who are authorised to 'work on' the book in a proper legal way.
    I did not in any way admit I have not read this forum before, what I said was that I had never been through what is written here, in my vehicle dealings, I have only had honest vehicle dealings, not had anybody want to 'work on' the Registration Book prior to giving it to me, other than the proper legal authority.
    I have indeed read some posts here, and seen the ones on stolen bikes from Japan, being bought here in parts, and reassembled, and later to be found, in a couple of cases, by the former Japanese owner, here in Thailand.
    This only goes to show, the warnings given to the public about internet fraud, show how careful a person has to be these days.
    A motorbike, like a car, truck, van, estate wagon, pick up, is a motor vehicle, and to be driven on public roads, must be correctly licensed by the Registration Department, therefore regardless of the type it is, there is no excuse for things not to be done in the right way. If people think, that by ridiculing what I say, in the hope that somehow things can continue in some dodgy way, so be it, but I will always try to offer advice for those honest people, who might not have had experience in any of the things I have had experience in, in the hope that it will help them not to get involved in a possible future problem.
    Alan Corvey
  25. I hope you buy a larger capacity motorcycle and try to get it transferred and/or plated. Then let us know how it went. Honestly. It is only a matter of cost to import a complete motorcycle and have it registered legally. We all know this but can't afford it, hence the parts imports etc.
    Best regards

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