Any Advantage To Change The Greenbook Registered Province

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  1. I have a Honda Phantom that I bought in Nong Khai a few years ago. I live in Korat province and at the time for various reasons it was more advantageous to leave the greenbook as registered in Nong Khai province. The bike is registered in my name and has my Nakhorn Ratchasima address. I have had no problem each year paying the "land" tax here at the land office in Korat.
    My question, is there any particular advantage for me to go ahead and get the greenbook and license plate changed from Nong Khai province to Nakhon Ratchasima province?
  2. If You aren't planing to sell the Bike I doubt there is any difference? I have a Harley and a Triumph Both Brought New from the Dealers and Both Have Bangkok Plates? I live in Chiang Mai and My Name and Address is in the Books but for some Reason they both have BKK Plates? I never bothered changing them and have had no problems registering or Insuring both? I don't intend to ever sell them so No Problem I Guess?
  3. My '71 Triumph is Chonburi registered, as I used to live there. Been taxing it yearly in Chiang Rai since 2002. My '59 Triumph was also Chonburi registered. I had it off the road for more than 4 years, so had to get a new registration. Had to be a Chiang Rai plate, where I live. Big hassle at Chiang Rai Dept of Transport, official trying to say the bike was nicked and with dodgy frame number. This was rubbish as it has the original matching engine and frame numbers. Eventually after checking with Chonburi, they did give me a new Chiang Rai registration. Suffice to say, I won't be changing the '71 over to Chiang Rai registration, don't need any hassle.....
  4. I have no plans to sell the bike, but I suppose never know. I guess if I did decide to sell, then I could then get the plates changed if needed, but not even sure that it would be necessary. Again...just looking to see if anyone out there knows of any particular reason or advantage that would make me rethink getting it registered in Korat.
  5. Does anyone know the purpose of changing the plates when you register the bike to a new province. Like many laws here, i guess its probably goes dates to a time when everything was written on a card and filed away in a big room. Now everything is computerised, then probably totally in necessary.

    You wouldn't even need to change the plates to sell the bike. Many folks will tell you, first you need to transfer the title in the sellers local DLT (where the bike is registered) and then change the addy and plates in the buyers provincial DLT. Not true, you can avoid the sellers DLT altogether and go directly to your local DLT and transfer the title and change the plates in one go ( may take a couple of days, mind )

    My bikes aren't registered at my address, the only thing that bothers me is that should the police come looking for me for some reason, they would go to my landlords address first.
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  6. In my case 2 month.
    Because of shortness of plate metal.

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