Any CM shops still renting CB400s?

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by TK10, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Usually rent em from Mr. Mechanic for the MHS loop, but this time out they no longer have them. I don't like the 650rs much; I'm a huge fan of the buttery inline 4s on the CBs. Anybody steer me in the right direction? Don't care about age, so long as decent running condition. Or, I'd love to get my hands on an NSR250 or VFR/RVF400 although have never seen those for rent here. Really appreciate any shop recommendations.

    Long shot, but if anyone has a private one they are interested in renting? 10 years experience riding, multi Asian countries, large displacement sport bikes etc etc etc. Looking to rent in a couple days for about 1 week.
  2. I think Tony's Big Bikes still have one
  3. I rented a CB400 from Infinity a few years back. I flogged that bike for 3 weeks all over the place and it never protested in the least. The only thing that happened to it was the left mirror broke out of the swivel while adjusting. I just got some epoxy at a hardware store in Nan and let it set an hour or so. Fixed. I told her about it after returning and she said no problem, we have many mirror. Nice lady and WAY, WAY less expensive than the other shops. Not sure if they are still in biz but their office was about 50 meters down the Soi to the left of the Kafe as you look at it. It was on the right side of the soi with sliding glass door just beyond a small coffee house.

  4. Cheers! Between these two shops I think I'll be good. Will post up here afterwards for future riders looking for the same bikes.
  5. Weird, posted earlier but it didn't show up.

    Anyways, I took both the suggestions on here and scooted out on the mission. Tony sold his last CBs about 1 year ago. I couldn't find Infinity, but I think they renamed themselves to Jaguar (same area as mentioned in the thread). They are the only place that had a CB400! Alas, it was pretty worn down. Front fork seal was cracked, bike wouldn't start (needed a battery), and it just looked too bashed up. If the front fork seal and battery were OK, I'd probably still take it for a Samoeng loop rip, but going out further is too risky methinks. They offered to put in a new battery, but in the end I picked up a black Kawi ER6. Shout out to Pop's for great service, great price, and seriously new bikes. CBR500s with less than 2000 clicks!

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