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    I will be in Chiang Mia for a week sometime between Sept. 20 and Oct. 15. Are there going to be any bike shows, meets, or something like that happening within that time span? If so, I will arrange to be there during that time.

    I will be renting a bike again and enjoying the riding in the north. In the meantime, I will endure Bangkok!:cool:


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    General Chiang Mai events found here:
    As for biking events, the calender link found at the top of this page, will list anything that comes up, not too much late Sept, Oct, as still the tail end of the wet season. Always some great riding up here though and October should be drier and cooler than September.
  4. techy5025

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    Thanks John! I will be solo this time, but in Feb. I will return with a "newby" from the US. We ride a lot together here and I know he will love it there. I can't wait to show him Thailand and especially Chiang Mai.


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