Any idea on what is a dangerous temperature is for coolant?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mudboots, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. mudboots

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    A few weeks ago i sold the KLX250 and got something with hummm well a lot more grunt! a Yamaha WR400f its basically a race enduro bike road legal i said there was no comparision between the KLX250 well there is and i will get to that shortly.
    The speedo sh.t its self not that it was up to much anyway so i went and got a Vector Trail Tech All Purpose Speedometer for it.

    Any ways it was easy to fit and works well with it i got temperature sensor that that fits in to the radiator hose that i have not put in as yet it can be set to whatever temperture before you get a warning, I have looked and looked found all sorts of fixes for over heating but can not seem to find a reference to what is considered to hot for radiator coolant in bikes? I know different bikes run hotter or cooler but any you guys have an idea as to what i could enter as danger point?

    Now the comparision between the KLX and the WR400F i would have to say the KLX is a lot easier to ride runs smoother and a lot better stopping and starting in traffic and at lights. The WR400 has a race pumper carburetor which is standard ( pumper) i start it with fule off and give it no throttle as thats what the pumper dos and if i can not kick it in to life in the first of 3 kicks with fule on it floods and pours out the overflow i have it worked out now and most times 2 kicks will start it but you have to be dead top and really kick it.... So i do miss the electric start of the KLX.
    The WR400 with the pumper carburetor seems to do it job best when you are giving the bike a fist full of throttle and tends to load to much fule when you are riding at traffic speed 60km in town and then getting stuck at lights one after the other dos not help it still runs okay but you can tell if loading up and as i said is most happy when you just open it its not hard to have the front wheel coming up in 3 gear at 60+km in traffic or 1 or 2 gear for that mater so you have to watch it, But after saying all that riding the WR400 is a rush :D

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  3. monsterman

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    aircooled bikes I have monitored the oil is OK at 190f but too hot at 230f on my Ducatis the cooling fans on thewater coolant radiator cut in at 220f

    surely yamaha manual has a figure for this ?
  4. SilverhawkUSA

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    I have the above Vapor on one of my bikes. I just rode my bike for a period of time under my normal riding conditions. I more or less saw the highest temp that it reached, knowing there was nothing wrong with my bike at the time. I used that for my base setting. If at any time it goes much higher than that, I know to have a look and see what is going on.
  5. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    As i have not hooked up the temperature sensor as yet i have to cut my radiator hose to install it, nor do i have a manual for my WR nor can i find a copy on the net nor can i get a decent answer from the local bike shop, only the one you so kindly answered for your Ducatis Monsteram i have asked at the Team Yamaha Australia web site over a week ago but still no reply so i just thought i would ask any of the GT Riders if thay could tell me. I will find it sooner or later as the bike did not have a temperature gauge on it as standard and i have the option now to hook one up i am just looking for a temperature that i can set my warning on the Vector Trail Tech and its running off its in built replaceable battery as the electrics only work when bike is running there is no battery on the bike The WR400F weighs less than a KLX250 so no guessing why it gos like a cut snake :).
  6. mudboots

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    Another down side to the WR400F is it drinks fuel like a Brit drinks pints of beer on a hot Sunday afternoon so the old KLX250 wins hands down on fuel consumption.
  7. daewoo

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    How long is a piece of string...

    I would suggest that maybe what you want to know is what temperature your coolant is rated to.

    My coolant, at 50/50 mix, is rated to 142 Celsius.
  8. monsterman

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    air cooled HDs are happy when the oil is 180f-190f but not so happy when it is 220f+ then you need to let them cool down and fit a good oil cooler .
  9. mudboots

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    You may have hit the nail on the head Daewoo i will look into it but be nice if i could get an answer from Yamaha.

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