Any tips forbuying a bike in Cambodia to tour SE Asia greatly appreciated!

Discussion in 'Cambodia - General Discussion Forum' started by Jonnyrocket, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Jonnyrocket

    Jonnyrocket New Member

    We have been trying to piece together our trip of a lifetime but keep getting conflicting/out of date posts regarding the reality of being able to do it :crazy:. Any help or tips would be much appreciated!

    Myself and my wife are landing in hanoi and plan to get a cheap honda win to get us around vietnam and down to ho chi min where we plan to sell the bike on. From there we will be travelling to phnom penh where we hope to pick up a honda baja or similar and register the bike in our name (legally), travel through laos and on into northern thailand.

    We were hoping to sell the bike in thailand instead of having to ride all the way back to cam but have read up on that being a near impossiblity without a hefty fine. Also will need a multi entry visa for thailand as we are visiting friends in bangkok from cambodia before returning on to Laos.

    Does this plan sound unrealistic, could anyone suggest a better way of doing it.

    Thanks in advance gt'ers!
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  3. Ride Expeditions

    Ride Expeditions New Member

    Hi Jonny,

    How's the planning going? Sounds like an awesome trip!

    I do agree that it might be hard to sell a Cambodian registered bike in Bangkok. It would probably be worth your while riding the bike across to Siem Reap and trying to sell it there (Siem Reap is actually surprisingly close to Bangkok!). It might be worth joining the 'Expats & Locals Living in Siem Reap' Facebook group... if you advertise it on here at a good price you might get some interest. Or let us know if you do head back that way - we often have people asking us if we know of any bikes for sale.

    When are hoping to start the ride?
  4. Jonnyrocket

    Jonnyrocket New Member

    Thanks ride expeditions, I think that's what we are now going to do. We set off mid November, just hope I can pick up a helmet in hongkong for my xl head before Vietnam 😆

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