Any tips on short-range radio-com systems?

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  1. 25apr2005: Haven't found any in BKK. Maybe searched in the wrong places?
    Next time I'll import some sort of walkie-talkie style system with hands-free headset. Thought these systems were also available in Thailand, but apparantly not.


    Hi Guys,
    We're back again for a ride in NT. This time we want to have some sort of bike-to-bike communication (we've lost track of each other once, wich was'nt funny). What & where to buy (in either BKK or CM) in order to sort this one out.
    Thanks for your info, Regards, Peter&Jeanine.

  2. If your in the BKK area try ZEER Rangsit. It's about 2k South of Future Park in Rangsit, which is about 10k North of the airport on motorway 1. It is an electronics wonderland. I've seen them in the malls, but don't know if they had headsets. If it's to be had in BKK ZEER is the place to look.


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  3. Mucho Gracias for your info.
    As it is, I'm responding from back home (Netherlands). We've started our trip in confidence we would be able to buy handy electronic stuff in BKK. We were not succesfull.[:(]

    Wireless comm systems are available in NL, though they DO require some intensive searching, testing en adapting.
    (Just to be sure: I'm talking about bike to bike communication within a 3-4 kilometer range!)


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