Anybody have an extra KLX250 cylinder?

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  1. Doing a top-end rebuild on my 2009 KLX250 with over 70k km on the odometer. Got a new piston and rings, took off my cylinder, had a mechanic deglaze/hone it, then I measure the cylinder/piston clearance and it's over 0.50mm! Way past spec. Checked the ring end gaps and they are way past spec as well. I suppose the cylinder bore is quite worn out (and therefore the nicasil plating gotta be gone as well).
    Was wondering if I put it back together like that, will it run, how well, and how long will it last? I'd rather go big bore with the 300 route, however got no cash for that right now. Anybody has a good condition KLX250 cylinder you don't need anymore?
  2. Two things spring to my mind.

    All the big bore companies (Bill Blue, Kustom Kraft etc) offer $100+ off the price of a big bore kit if you send them your old cylinder, this is called a core charge. Which means most people wont have their old original cylinder sitting in a box at home. You might get lucky!

    Think carefully about a 300 big bore as it's only 292cc in reality & not that much of a boost for the cost of a fuel controller & 300 bore & piston. The 331cc big bore kit offers a substantial boost in torque & power & a much better bang for buck option IMHO.

    Good luck
  3. Hey Joel, thanks for your reply. I am still not completely decided on 300, the thing putting me off the 331 is the even more increased fuel consumption. The stock tank is quite small, and as far as I know, there's no alternatives to the stock tank on the EFI KLX (I have no intention to replace EFI with a carb). The places I travel, sometimes I get out of fuel even on my 250, luckily on these travels I carry a spare gas can. Don't want to get my fuel usage increase too much.
    I do agree that going 331 would give significantly more extra power&torque for not much more money, though. That's what keeping me from making a final decision.
  4. I am planning on buying a 351 kit from Bill Blue. You're welcome to old parts with 1000km on them, but will take a couple of months
  5. Hi Jimmy! Maybe I assembly now my parts which are still in spec but almost at the service limit and ride for a couple of months like this, then. How much would you want for your cylinder/piston?
    I see you're in Kalasin, I saw some pictures from a friend there's many squirrels in there, are there?
  6. Bike's assembled, got it broken in hard, it works much better than before, starts first push of the button every time. Still would want your old parts when you have them, Jimmy.
  7. Still looking for a low mileage KLX 250 cylinder, folks! My bike's running ok for the last 5000 km since new piston and rings, but it burns 1 l of oil between oil changes (every 3000 km). C-to-p clearance and rings end gap are over spec due to cylinder wear.
  8. Did you manage to find a cylinder? I should still have mine with only 12,000 Km, mint condition.
  9. Hey Murray. No I'm still looking. Bike's still running but burning oil and slowly losing compression. PM me on how much you want for yours and payments details, can you send by EMS?

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