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  1. Just returned from PP today. Hate the city...too much traffic. Will be going again in February between 17 - 20 or so. M staying at a friend's who works the full day. Anybody free about then? I'd like to see Angkor...
  2. i could be down there, if you have a bike to ride ill go along as ive never been there, i agree with you about the traffic, i almost wanted to put my bike in a pick up and get out on the outskirts !
  3. sorry suzie, i have just read over my reply, what i meant is i have a bike and if you have one we could ride up there together, mike
  4. That would be absolutely great. I'll arrive on 16th. I am putting up at my friend's place. It would be wonderful to ride up to Amgkor. Perhaps we could meet up first in PP to get to each other? I have a another friend who runs an NGO mission in SIEM REAP so I hope to collect data on that as well. In any case, my host has a full time job. So my days are free. Where's Sihanoukville?
  5. Ooops, i forgot to say. i don't have a bike. Been trying to learn how to ride one/ How now? If Angkor is out, I'd still be happy to meet you and your wife in town.
  6. hi suze, i will be with two other riders ,one ,our kymer guide would take you on the back if you fancy it, if you have a kymer phone number or a friend with one let me have the number and we can meet and discuss over b fast at the calif 2, mike
  7. Wonderful news!
    I will have to ask one of my friends there to buy me a SIM card. The last time I borrowed one of the local gal's.
    M unfamiliar with the place you mentioned. I will be staying on Streety 352. I have a city centre location map obtained from Asia Hotel. You could give me a contact number so that i may get in touch with you as soon as am in town. I arrive on 16 Feb AIR ASIA.I hope to take some really great photos n have travel tale sto write on once back in Malaysia, Thr Khmer guide won't mind tecahing how to ride? My dying wish! laugh. Those dirt bikes are the sexiesyt looking contraptions. I'm a fan for life...

    Can't tell you how thrilled i am at the prospects of experiencing Angkor. Am a history junkie too. Hoe much does entrance fe cost?
  8. excuse typo, My fingers can't keep up with my thoughts
  9. hello suze, we will probably go indirect on paths and very small tracks, there may be a night out roughing it, ( small guest house no electric )so bring essentials, you know make up ,hair spray etc ! lol.a back pack with just a few things is favourite, if you have never travelled rural cambodia before you will love it, as of now i have a friend from phuket coming ,another american friend who is a doctor ( although i hope we dont need his medical skills ! ) and of course laeng who is kymer and is a lion of a man and superb guide and a nice guy to boot, send me your email and ill send you some pics, mike
  10. I don't use make up or hairspray. too much hassle especially in hot humid weather.Ok, will send you my email. My host has no plans with me so am freefor schedule with you and group.
  11. ok then, ill send you a contact number in pp so we can touch base, ( ps i was only joking about the make up etc !
  12. Laugh. Hmm, i may have miffed my host with my last email. I may have lost my welcome. Just in case where can I stay at a reasonable rate. M a woman of limited funds.
  13. Laugh. Hmm, i may have miffed my host with my last email. I may have lost my welcome. Just in case where can I stay at a reasonable rate. M a woman of limited funds.
  14. Mike, I can't access my yahoo account. Can't send mail out. I still don't have the contact details of the 4x4 person. will probably have it when i meet up with all of you.
  15. Freakin can't access yahoo again. Same problem every other bleeding day! [:(!]
    mike, the progress so far... Got in touch with S. My friend A and the mission contact are okay about me visiting either of them. S said she and P most likely will join us on Saturday. $40 gets me 3 days at Angkor plus the mission in siem Reap is expecting me to drop by. I caught the flu...again and am thinking seriously that i have got to get myself a job in the Indochina's and ove back to the region. All help and leads are welcome. laugh. Hey, by any chance, is there an ESL centre in PP?
  16. How come the word kampong is used a lot in Cambodia? In malay it means village. How odd.
  17. In khmer it means 'quay' or 'port'
  18. I fly the day after![:D]very happy
  19. The nuns at the convent would always say, "There's many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip" and "Man proposes and god (the powers that be) opposes". After all that planning, nothing turned out according to plan but I had an unusual time any how. Laugh. [:D]
    The world is quite a circus...
  20. Well Suzz, what went so wrong to make it bearable and unusual[}:)].
    Hilights will do and you can change the names to save the guilty party.
    And there is always next time.....Scott. Did the shopping make amends.[?]
  21. This may bore you...

    [:D] First off.. I was held up for 2 days at this mission (sigh) and got sucked into community service (that's work for me)as a result wasn't able to meet up with Dancing Road contact or Mike. I saw first hand the flaws in the management of the mission (of which I had to return and submit a report). Including recommending that the OM be sent back for de-briefing. He's been there too long and he was sounding quite weird. That was not a pleasant thing to do either.

    While I was staying at my sexually hyper active male friend's place every time any of his countless gals dropped by, I'd get the 3rd degree and just so they didn't scratch my eyes out [:p] I had to a send clear message that "No, I am not humping your guy and neither do I have any intentions of enticing him away from you." That was a vexation.

    Actually it was real life drama and it's funny now but I so wanted to be someplace else. Female jealousy is only good in the movies. Same thing happens in Thailand when i visit male friends there. Sigh.

    You know, how can a woman have any peace if she's perpetually worried if she's going to lose a guy? He's not going to change his habits: either deal with it or dump him. Why torture yourself?

    I didn't have the nerve travel out of the city all by myself so I went back to the mission and took two of the gals sight seeing. One of them is supposed to attend college so I took her shopping for a Khmer -English Dictionary, English Grammar textbook and a suit. Then I went down to the river side browsed through the art galleries, got drunk on carrot juice (no, it's not possible) and watched the PP lifestyle unravel around me. People-watching is among my favourite hobbies when on holiday. I blog so I obtained much material to work on.

    I'm a social worker therefore I found a lot of the stuff I saw rather unsettling. I wondered if Malaysia ever endured similar circumstances... I'm glad I missed that phase entirely.

    So, the next time I'm going on holiday I'm skipping PP and contacts entirely and flying straight out to Siem Reap. Or better yet , head back to Laos where I know my way around and friends are a plenty. And am NOT staying with friends who have harems. [B)] He's my friend But there are many moments that I simply don't understand how his mind works.

    Am I regretful? Nope, you learn something new everyday. Of course, buying all that kinky underwear compensates, too. [^]
  22. Hi Suzy, it appears to be a very sexually predatory atmosphere in the countries we visited recently, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, my (Australian) GF had bad dreams about me leaving her when we got back to OZ, most women we met acted very submissive and very complimentary to me!

    It's good you give the locals some of their own! :eek:)
  23. It's the same in Laos and I'm quite sure in Vietnam as well. In Singapore and M'sia we refer to these gals as SPG -Sarong Party Gals. Back during British colonial times, the Brit men would throw parties then go into the villages to get women for the occasion. The women wore sarongs back then hence the SPG culture. SPG maintenance is cheaper in the Indochinas but not so in M'sia and S'pore. It's the wide spread belief that white men = better lifestyle. That's why these women behave the way the do. Gives the rest of us a bad name. [xx(]

    If you're in M'sia don't go messing around indiscriminately (did i spell that right?) with the Malay damsels. Shotgun weddings have happened except here it also includes conversion and circumsicion. Ouch.

    There is a magazine called the Expatriat (by expatriats for expatriats), where a white lady wrote about the SPG culture and how difficult it is for white women to find companionship amongst white men. I understand her plight but those of us who are NOT SPG inclined, face problems too. I was once accosted by 2 Aussie visitors. They wanted to know if I was looking for a husband and that I could have two. Just because I'm Asian and brown they assumed I was easy game. Men like that tarnish the image of all white male visitors to these parts. Laugh. All of the above is what I meant when I said all the world is not merely a stage but " a circus " and we are not just actors but clowns, jugglers, trapeze acts, a tightrope walkers and ring masters.

    Most of the time we say "On with the show" but on occasion I wish I could say :stop the world, I wanna get off."[:I]

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