Anyone coming to Laos in the coming months and planning of selling the bike here?

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  1. Sabaidee from Laos!!! A few months ago, I decided on selling my beloved Honda Baja together with almost all my motorcycle gear. I was thinking of giving up motorcycling. Wrong decision! I miss my bike and touring Laos and is left with a shitty Chinese moped. But why post here in Cambodian forum? Price of buying a branded bike here is just too much and most of the bikes 250cc and up are also sourced from Cambodia. So, if you're coming here with a bike (motard, dual-sport, touring, maxiscoot, naked and sportsbike but not chopper) let me know. Thanks GT-Rider!
  2. This sounds like a great idea. My placement ends on 18th August in Cambodia. I love my bike, although it will be stupidly expensive to send back to Australia. It's a TU250GB/Suzuki Big Boy. I've done a few trips on it, just check the ride to Pattaya from Phnom Penh listed in the Cambodia trip reports forum. I've had it serviced every couple of thousand kilometres since purchasing from a massive Jap import business near the Mondial Centre. It'd never been ridden in Cambodia before. I have all papers etc. It has been serviced at Two Wheels Only and Vay's Motos (good review on this forum).

    Let me know if you're interested.

  3. Thanks for the reply Wil! I haven't checked GT-Rider for quite sometime so apologies. Can you PM me with a picture or two of the bike and also your asking price? Thanks!

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