Anyone crossed over at Poipet (toilet) recently?

Discussion in 'Cambodia Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by brian_bkk, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member


    Just wondering if anyone has crossed at Poipet recently.

    Usual scam on visas even visa on arrival and no insurance?
    Understand they even try and milk you for a fee even if you get the online visa.

    Any update would be welcome

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  3. Rookie

    Rookie Active Member

    I crossed on jan 8 with my motorbike without any problem at poipet crossing we had e visas two of us two bikes no one bothered us along the way including police. We rode all the way to phnom pehn, sihanoukville, to koh kong.
    Stayed 16 days in Cambodia and no problem I go back again no worries what so ever
  4. awabms

    awabms Member

    Everything might be fine as long you never stop at the customs house(looking for a legal motorcycle document) in Poipet.Be prepared with tea money when possible.My 2nd entry on december 20th 2012 was refused by the customs.They also refused (my clue) for a "tea money" but keep saying a new law enforced in Cambodia.The customs just let me go until siem reap.
  5. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks both for the update..

    Our trip is postponed for a few weeks / may be month as so many other rides coming up.

    But good to know and useful for others that are looking for up to date info on the Poipet crossing.

    Thanks again.
  6. Rookie

    Rookie Active Member

    I have never paid any money at cambodian border and no one should try to buy their way in.Custom officer told us they stop issueing temporarly import decleration forms and they are not responsible in any case. I was kind of worried about first but we were never stopped by police at the road blocks my guess is they maybe chanced some rules or regulations because that was my 3. Bike trips to Cambodia and was smooth sailing ever.
  7. sydneycraig

    sydneycraig Ol'Timer

    so no papers needed at all to be in cambodia??

    to confirm to take my thai bike over at poipet (assume same for all the major borders)
    1. i need the greenbook and english translation
    2. plate translation stickers
    3 get the thai export papers for the this just for 1 month or can i get 3? where exactly do i get these papers?
    4. international license needed in cambo or just a full ozzy riders license ok?

    thanks...seems lots of out of date info online!!
  8. rastas

    rastas Member

    Rode out thru Poipet yesterday 31st March (in thru Koh Kong, Sihanoukville, Pnom Penh, Siem Reap, Poipet) and no paper work required for Cambo. Going to need your Green Book (no English translation required) to get your customs documents for in/out of Thailand but nothing required by me when I went thru. Only pulled over once in Sihanoukville and local cops were trying all angles for some tea money. But International drivers licence was one of them. Generally very few road blocks or cops to deal with. Koh Kong was pretty quiet easy border crossing compared to the busy Poipet and may be one to consider if you want to ease your way into cambodia. Lost my numberplate somewhere between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and even then no problems going thru as i was expecting some drama, too easy.
    About 60km's of road at Phnom Penh (to/from Siem reap) is currently one big road works. Going to be interesting when the wet season starts.
  9. larsball

    larsball New Member


    Anybody knows if this is possible to cross here with a vietnamese bike from thailand in Poipet?
    We bought our bike in Vietnam, crossed into lao, into thailand, so everything there was no problem at all!
    So you think poipet or koh kong would be the best place?

    We have to get out of thailand with it and cambodia doenst really have a rule like that, we heard

    Lars and sarah on a honda win
  10. rastas

    rastas Member

    My guess is as long as you have the paper work from the Thai authorities when you came in should be ok going out on the THai side. Maybe more likely to buy your way out at Poipet if you dont have any?? Cambo side in theory no paper work required but more likely to get hassled at Poipet so if in doubt and I would try Koh Kong 1st. With a lap of Koh Chang on the way:)
  11. rob7711

    rob7711 Ol'Timer

    Well it didn't work for us (2 malaysian registered bikes) yesterday. We were stuck in no man's land after exiting thai immigration and customs.Cambo customs just plainly refused and would not provide us with the paperwork. Despite all our pleadings and innuendo that we were willing to pay for "service" it all came to nought. We had no choice but to leave our bikes parked at a casino hotel carpark and took a cab to siem reap.

    Anybody had better luck at Chom Jom or Pailin? I did Koh Kong in 2011 and exit at poipet without issue. I guess poipet is not "friendly" for bikes.
  12. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    We did Koh Khong 8.5 and return via Poipet a few days later. Two big street bikes on Thai plates.

    No problems whatsoever. The Thais issued temp export papers i no time, the Cambodians did not care about the bikes except taking pictures of themselves hanging around the bikes.

    It seams that coming back from Cambodia via Poipet is OK, but not going into Cambodia.
  13. phuketrichard

    phuketrichard Ol'Timer

    just crossed back to Thailand at Palin an no problems but heard u can not enter there.
    in 28 years ran into the most obnoxious immigration officer ever.
    he saw i was on a retirement extension and asked for my 90 day report>>> i said i don't have it as i had just spent 2 weeks in Cambodia an previous to that only one day in Thailand ( i was in Laos and drove from Vientaine to surin in a day) He said u must have, then he stamped my passport,
    now he looked at my Cambodian gf's passport she had a 1 year B visa. he asked where is ur work permit, I said back in Phuket, he said no u need to enter Thailand, I said NO u don't. he looked at all her stamps, laos , Malaysia, Singapore an than stamped her in.

    crazy guy

    Exiting thru Palin i went to the gate an he opened it for me, kept driving and then realized i was in Thailand as i was driving on the other side :)
    had to turn around and go back, park an walk back to Cambodia to get stamped out than get stamped into Thailand!!!
  14. So did you guys get your bikes out? What happened?

    I'm trying to cross tomorrow as an American with a Malaysia registered bike - are there border crossings that are easier/more bike friendly?
  15. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    All seems a bit sketchy doesn't it.. You should be OK.. But then you read of people being refused.
    Poipet is a terrible crossing.. May be better to cross over at Koh Khong and exit at Poipet?

    Koh Khong has least hassle and the officials are not borderline criminals like at Poipet...
    Just remember to cover your headlights as they have that crazy rule over there regarding headlights on in the day time
    or you will be buying tickets to the Police ball ;-)

  16. That's funny - I had no idea about the headlights rule BUT about a kilometer before the border my headlight went out. I was stressed they wouldn't let me in with no headlight (and for good reason - it es dark!)

    I crossed at Psar Prom - best border crossing ever! The Cambodians never even fished for a bribe, that gave me water, played the "language game " with me, and we became fb friends! :)
  17. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Any latest updates on the Poipet crossing?

    Rob and I are planning to go over to Siem Reap this weekend, taking off the Monday (road trip)

    Saturday AM start sunrise, Sunday to ride around the temple complex and back to Bangkok early Monday morning (After the hangover has worn off ;-)

  18. olionel

    olionel Member

    We crossed on the 16th Dec 2013. One UK plate and one US plate. After the visa queue etc a guard came over said he need passports and bike docs and said he needed to photocopy them.. which he did. We met a couple of Malaysian bikers who told us they were refused entry but they were gone ride in anyway. They had parked their bikes up behind the visa portacabin in a dedicated are not sure why... Anyway the guard then told us to go to customs, which is sort of in the town. Hopped on bike rode to customs..parked up, walked in and got told we weren't allowed entry as we needed some letter from the Cambodian something authority. So then we tried to explain overlanding etc etc.. the dude called his boss, then he said no but then we staretd again, they asked us how we went through other countries so showed them stamps of vehicles etc in our passports (didn't show them the carnet as they didnt ask for it or didnt know what it was, I did mention it however). So they said they didn't know what to do, we said can we purchase this document how do we get hold of it they said no. They said they had no authority to stamp anything etc etc. We argued that they had to stamp and sign SOMETHING so in the end we convinced them to stamp a photocopy of the vehicle registration documents. Probably worthless but better than nothing. At no point did ANYONE ask for or imply a bribe. It apperaed all normal. Apart from the visa guy who asked everyone he could jump the queue for them but thats irrelevant.

    Also, I met a traveller coming the other way, and he said the guy at the Laos border (Cambodian side) knew wha do to and stamped his Carnet etc. Hope he can get it stamped out.

    Also if you any of the Malaysia dudes is reading this, let us know how you got on?

    P.S. Once you get your visa and passport stamped there is nothing stopping you to ride in, there are no further checkpoits etc. You just get told you're not allowed in.. When exiting into Laos, I am just going to ignore customs and just exit Cambodia.

    All the best,
  19. lipmeng

    lipmeng Ol'Timer

    Hi Oli

    I crossed the border from Thailand side during 2009 and was told by the Cambodian immigration officer that i am supposed to go to Custom office further up to obtain the revelant docs. However, I did not do so but instead ride slowly as if nothing happens towards route to Siam Reap. I was advised earlier by riding friends of S'pore & M'sian that to ignore the customs in that country.

    My exit was at Koh Kong and I just stamp my passport at the Cambodian immigration office and then ride out without any
    checking by their customs. Just ride out calmly and thats it.

    I will be riding to Cambodia and Laos this mid Feb and also northen thailand but may do it clockwise with approximately 4 weeks trip and may try to enter Vietnam via central Laos or southern Cambodia.

    Hope to meet you somewhere in this region and also pm me if you are in Ipoh, Malaysia. For your information I'm riding and AT 93 model.


    Lip Meng

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