Anyone experience with Fugawi software?

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  1. I been looking at the Fugawi software and it looks very tempting as I can use the Garmin maps, tracks use my Garmin for real time on the computer, use it with the world map, use it with Google earth and most interesting use scanned papermaps which can be exported to the GPS etc.

    Anyway is anyone using this software? Anything to share of experience?

    Cheers Bard
  2. I guess I'm missing something here, Bard. :? What does it do that Mapsource (which is basically free) doesn't already do?

    With the exception of the scanned paper maps, which I am a little suspect of how that is done and calibrated, I can do everything else with basic Garmin software.

    I have never heard of "Fugawi" until your post and I only just scanned their website briefly, so if there is more please explain the advantage. Thanks.
  3. Don't know the program as I have never used it. When I started out with mapping I used Ozixplorer as this is one of the programs in which you can scan in paper maps and use them to plot your GPS tracks on. OziExplorer has a very active and very large user group so in almost all cases you will get an answer/solution when a problem crops up.

    Still use the program extensively for Laos as I have all the 1:100.000 paper maps for Laos scanned it and can use them with OziExplorer on my PC and with OziCE on my PDA. While driving around in laos I can quickly see what the names of villages, rivers, etc. are so I can include this in the GPS map for Laos.

    The scanned and calibrated maps made for OziExplorer can also be used in those GPS's which can import scanned maps like the Garmin Oregon and Dakota and some of the Magellan GPS's. However, almost all of the Garmin GPS's like the 60 and 76 models, the Nuvi's, the Zumo's, etc, don't have this feature.
  4. Hi All,

    Well the main benefit is the scanned maps really, also now when you can buy digital topographic maps over Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for very few dollars it would be pretty handy, also note it works with google earth flawlessly and export to iPhone and Windows Mobile phone systems, which can use the exported maps.

    I like the idea of topo maps, and the possibility to use the topo maps to create route then export back to the Garmin GPS as routes.

    I found out about the software when I saw an engineer offshore used it, then he showed me how it worked, the scanned maps works brilliant I was really impressed with this feature.

    When I finally get back onshore where the internet speed is more than 20 year old dial up I will download and test it, and give some feedback. Testing it is free so it won't hurt.

    Cheers Bard
  5. Wow, where can you buy the digital topographic maps? Have been downloading lots of stuff to make digital topo maps for Laos and Cambodia so am very much interested in it as this would save me a lot of time.
  6. You can buy them at e.g. full set for Cambodia is 7 US$

    You can also always download for free the US Army maps although in 1:250 000 they are very handy to print out and carry as a backup when offroad.

    linky to US Army topographic maps for Asia

    Pretty handy stuff.

    Cheers Bard
  7. Yes, I know both of them. With regard to Mapstor make sure that you get what you think you bought.

    I bought all the Laos maps from them (saved me a bit of scanning time I thought). They showed some 1:50,000 map on their site with English village names which could be downloaded for free. These looked nice so i decided to buy them (about 10 USD or so). However, after downloading all the maps from their site I found that some 95% of the maps were 1:100,000 with these being all with Russian names. I contacted them and they indicated that they were sorry but that this is all what they had and that I was lucky that there were a few 1:50,000 maps among the batch.

    So back to scanning, pasting, calibrating of all the 1:50,000 maps I bought in Vientiane (1980-1990 maps - the same as I downloaded from Mapstor).

    In case you want Cambodia maps, you can also download them from These are the military maps 1968-1985. They have also the JICA maps from 1997 (more detailed but not complete for the whole country).

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