Anyone got a International Driving Permit in Thailand?


Aug 7, 2003
Has anyone recently applied for and got a International Driving Permit in Thailand using their Thai Driving/Motorcycle licence ?

Where,how much, procedure,what docs needed? My local Motor Transport Office (Thailand) is less than helpful and it might be easier to go somewhere else to try.


Nov 10, 2003

The Local Transport Office is the place where they can arrange things. It takes time as things are done in BKK and they have to send it to Bangkok. My son needed one about 2 years ago. He applied here in Chiangmai at the Local transport Department and had to provide some documents including a self-addressed envelope with stamps so that BKK could send it back by mail.

This is what I just found at the Internet:

It is possible to apply for a international driving license also in Thailand if you have a local driving license already. You can get it at the Land Transport Office Mo Chit if you bring the following

* Original Passport and non-immigrant visa
* an authorized letter from your embassy stating your address in Thailand OR a Thai work permit
* your original Thai driving license valid more than one year
* two 2 inch photos (not more than 6 months old)
* 505 Baht fee
* one photo copy of each of the a.m. documents with your signature
* and if you send somebody on your behalf, you need an letter of authorization with your signature and an additional 10 (!) Baht fee.


Mar 15, 2003
I had one a few years ago that I got in Chiang Mai. The main difference from what Auke posted is that I had to supply envelopes and postage for them to send it to BKK and it took 30 days. They told me if I took it to BKK I wouldn't have to wait.

You can also a get a "translation" of your Thai drivers license. It is basically a stamped document (letter) with your information from your license. I used this in America to rent a car, and show the police :cry: when stopped. They were less interested in the IDL.

Noel Akers

Aug 27, 2007
My wife and I both got IDL'S a few years ago while living here in Thailand. We did it on the internet via Australia, filling in the online was very simple.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
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