Anyone Riding Down to the Malaysian MotoGP 2008?

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  1. As I'm on holiday for most of October, I'll probably be riding down to the MotoGP.
    I've already bought a weekend pass from which apparently is delivered a month before the race so I'm counting on the Thai Post Office not to screw it up.

    I'll be stopping off at Hua Hin, Chumphon etc. on the way and hopefully the weather won't be too bad.

    I'm assuming not many will be riding down due to work commitments but if you are, let me know.

    And is anyone going to be at the race at all?

    Now I've just got to search for that thread which deals with taking your bike into Malaysia....
  2. Yamaha are apparantly organising a group ride, with some starting from Chiang Mai and others joining somewhere around BKK. I am sure a Ducatti would be welcome to join. Also some of the guys I met from Khorat and Sakon Nakhon big bike clubs were talking of getting together for the trip. I am thinking of going but not sure yet. Will post anything more concrete as it comes up
  3. Hope to see you there, I will be down in KL for a week, to pick up my bike getting shipped from OZ. (just look for a Dakar with Ozzy plates.
    Catch up with you then.


  4. Osbourne?
  5. Sorry about the Australian slang mate,
    I meant Australian number plates, QLD. Queensland

    See you at the GP
  6. Yeah I know. I was just kidding.
    At least you'll be easy to spot.
    You'll be the bloke putting another prawn on the barbie and knocking back a few stubbies. :wink:
  7. The Yamaha plan is to truck the bikes to Hatyai & start riding from there.
    They will have subsidized accommodation & food / drink (I think) for the Yamaha participants. I understand they are expecting around 50 Yamaha bikes from all over the country.
  8. Press Conference World Championship Moto GP in Malaysia at Sepang Circuit

    Ride Thailand to SIC MOTO GP 2008

    Ride Thailand and SIC, Tourism authorities of Thailand and Malaysia, Big Biker Clubs, and Big Bike Suppliers, get together to organize the Press Conference for Ride Thailand to SIC MOTO GP 2008, AT THE
    Suan Lum Night Plaza
    Sunday 31st August 2008
    to invite all to ride and visit Malaysia together with being a part of the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP) between 17-19 October 2008 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
  9. Hi David

    Just intresting thought,,IF we plan to ride down together witn all other,, what we need for bike crossing the border and beside passports?

    Wifey just say yes to tour, so we are planing.....
  10. Any idea of an itinerary?
  11. I was asked by the guys in the Yamaha shop in Chiang Mai if I would like to go the GP a few weeks ago, said I was interested, but never heard anymore from them.
    Does anyone know who from Yamaha is coordinating who is joining from where. I am a little bit out in the woods here in Khon Kaen and as far as I know the Yamaha Korat boys are not going
  12. Tum at Charoen Motor Yamaha Chiang Mai knows what is going on. Give him a ring or email.
  13. I've set my Bangkok departure date for Sunday 12th Oct, then my itinerary albeit rather fluid, will probably be...

    Depart Hua Hin 13th

    Depart Chumphon 14th

    Depart Krabi/Koh Lanta(?) 15th

    Depart Penang 16th

    Arrive KL 16th

    Depart KL 20th

    Depart Penang 21st

    Depart Krabi 22nd

    Depart Chumphon 23rd

    Depart Hua Hin 24th

    Arrive Bangkok Friday 24th

    Looks like 1 rider from ThaiVisa could be going but no one from here. A little disappointed but hopefully I'll meet riders on the road as I did for the Chumphon run.
  14. RC
    If you are looking for one of the truly great rides take the road back via Gerick to Jeli
    b4 crossing over back into Thailand on the east coast.
    There's a new highway from Butterworth to Gerick which has awesome fast roll-on/roll-off 4th gear corners.
    The eastern Thai highway via Naratiwat & Pattani is a quite safe to get to Hat Yai.
    You could however cross back in @ Betong, with an interesting pot-holed road to Yala.
    Just make sure that customs enter the fact that your bike has returned into the computer!
    Oh and fill up before crossing back into Thailand I had to find cherryaid in a market on the way to Yala
    which probably isn't the best thing to do.
    Interesting perspective on what really is going on down there.
    Army patrols on squads of 4 Honda Waves 2-up with M-16s and some odd looking guys in black carrying AKs.
    Don't plan on staying the night in Yala, just keep going to Hat Yai.
    Depends on whether you want/need more adventure.

    BTW - If you are in Penang on a Friday or Saturday night
    the Penang Cop Biker's Club hang out on the corner opposite the Malaysian hotel.
    Theses are really great guys, riding vintage A/Ts among other things.
    They are now well acquainted with GT Riders - so will look after you.
  15. I wonder how they would react if I pointed a camera phone at them.

    Really? I've heard it's a great place to party down with the local gals. :wink:
  16. Yala maybe a little too tame if you are looking for action.
    The army have taken over the only decent hotel, but you have to eat on the street as their restaurant has been closed.

    I am reliably informed byMalaysian bikers that Betong is the place they go for what they quaintly call Hanky Panky.
    They, however, will not ride on to Hat Yai via Yala.
    But Betong is a flyblown fleapit of a town best known for its T-shirt sellers.

    Hat Yai however is surreal if you have first toured Yala, Naratiwat & Pattani.
    It was like arriving in Vegas on the edge of a war zone having done the three provinces first.
    And I have to admit rather refreshing.
  17. Hope to avoid those provinces and stick to the west coast though I'm a little uncertain as to the provincial layout of the deep south.
  18. You can avoid them and head down the Western highway.
    Just giving you some options...
    Have fun.
  19. Hi Guys, after asking many of my friends to ride to MotoGP in October, all of them were busy and bla bla bla so I decided to go by myself but I just discovered your website and this topic. I planned to leave on Friday 17th and to come back on 21st, 5 days quite short but I won't get more time. My roadbook is ready and can be review so if somebody is interested to do 7500 kilos per day during 4 days let me know, we can work on something together...Cheers. Fred.
  20. Sorry guys, of course not 7500 kilos but 750....
  21. If anyone needs a guide/assistance/drinking buddy/talk bike/hotel leads etc, while in KL ...give me a holler...I am a 4gear-shift away from the motoGP track :lol:

  22. Joko I remember you were very helpful last year at this time.
    I only have 3 days so won't be riding but flying from Chiang Mai. Same as last year.
    Last year the biggest problem was transportation to and from the track to downtown KL.
    Do you have any suggestions especially getting from the track to hotel as there are no taxis at Sepang for some very strange reason?
  23. For those going to Sepang from KL, is not an issue. It is easy to hop onto the Train at KL Sentral (KLIA Airport Train terminal) to KLIA airport. And from there there is supposedly a scheduled bus going to Sepang Track.

    I will get the details on Monday/Tuesday when the office opnes after the Raya break.

    My contact said that they are also working with AirAsia, which operates a fleet of shuttle buses plying KLIA to the LCCT, and passing the track along the way. This is seemingly the other way to get to Sepang track.

    The getting-back to KL works the saem way. But I think this is where the problems start to happen. The crowd depending on the public shuttles will exceed the supply of buses. And compounding the traffic jam, it will probably take ages for a bus to make a round trip.

    The other best alternative for those not riding to KL, is to maybe hire a car. Approx RM150-200/day. The total sum paid to car rental is probably just 20-30% more than the sum paid for the train fare (KL Sentral-KLIA-Taxi/Bus-& fro)...But u do save a fair bit of time there.

    Theer are also plenty of shoplot hotels (Under Rm100/nite) located directly opposite KL Sentral. I believe i posted the list in last year's posting thread...somewhere.
  24. Joko thanks a lot. I had thought of renting a car and now I'm convinced it's the way to go.
    Now only have to worry about not getting lost in either direction.

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