Anyone seen Hylomar sealant around Thailand?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ricohoc, Oct 11, 2011.


    I'm looking for it to use as a sealant when I replace my intake manifold in the next week. It is an excellent sealant that expands and contracts and doesn't dry out and crack.

    If anyone can recommend something similar that is sold in Thailand, I'd be very appreciative!

    EDIT: Just Googled and found some here: I'll be calling later in the day to find out the price. I was shocked by this web site. I have found it to be very rare that there is as much detail and availability on this site.
  2. Have you tried to contact RS? I tried and couldn't any answer from them. Permatex is just as good, the non-hardening stuff doesn't crack and remains flexible, resistant to oil and fuel. Tool-pro in Udon probably has it, think Tesco Lotus even has it.
  3. Didn't get around to it today. Will have my bride call them tomorrow.

    Thanks for the heads up on Permatex! :D
  4. Okay, Tubber, here's the skinny on RS and Hylomar.

    My bride called this number today: 02-648-6822. I got it from the Contact page on the RS web site. She spoke to a guy who speaks both Thai and English. He informed her that the 100 gram tube of Hylomar is priced at 415 baht. He also gave her this phone number to order: 02-648-6888.

    I will be calling to order tomorrow (Thursday). One tube should last almost forever.

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