Anyone up for a ride next week?

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  1. Hey guys, I am a friend of Simon's, and was out of the country during John and Simon's memorial ride. I hope to be in Chang Mai next weekend and would really like to do some riding and visit the Wat where the trees were planted.

    I will need to hire a bike, and would like some recommendations on a good place to stay. I am planning on staying for at least the weekend (arriving Sat Jan 30th, around 12:30 leaving Mon Feb 1st around 13:00) but can stay a few more days with no issue, if that would facilitate a better ride. I am looking forward to riding with some people that know the area, and even better if they also knew Simon.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys, and riding the area I have heard such great things about!!

    See you all soon!!
  2. Steve
    Rent an ER6 from Mr Mechanic.
    Stay at the Baan Wiang where TJ stayed.
    Look up Ambassador Bungy at the X-Centre.
    If I'm around we can go for a ride.
  3. Steve,
    If You can stay a couple more days retrace the Memorial Ride? 1st Feb to Mae Hon Song Via Doi Inthanon, 2nd back to Chiang Mai via Pai? See You here.
  4. I have just booked my tickets, and things have changed a bit.
    I still arrive on Sat Jan 30th around 12:30 PM, I am now staying until Thursday Feb 4th flight leaves at 15:05.
    That being said, I may have furniture shopping obligations with the wife on Sat afternoon, and Sunday. (any suggestions on this will also be appreciated!) Then she leaves on Monday, and I am free to ride and stay where ever until Thursday!!

    Hiring a Kawa retracing the memorial loop is a great plan!! Noel is on his way over with some maps and ideas, but would rather go with a bunch of the locals up there, rather than stumble around on my own. Sounds like Ian and David may be up for a bit of a ride, as well as Sylvia.

    Any one else up for a riding with a Phuket boy?
  5. Damned it !! I just realized my flight is super early on the 2nd: basically I have to be in Bangkok on Monday night, leaving Chiang Mai sometimes in the afternoon : (

    Aanyway your wife could "free you" on sunday for a ride ? ; )

    (in transit in Bangkok - tonight in Chiang Mai)
  6. Ciao,
    if you haven't booked anything, I would advice to book at the Jonadda Gueshtouse where I am staying. it is a very nice, right in the center, good value guesthouse:
    Also John, the owner (member of the forum), has been super helpfull, nice on advices and info on rides, and helping to rent a good bike!
    bon voyage !
  7. Thanks for the info, but I have already booked on a friends recommendation. I am staying at Parasol Inn, and hope to get a bike at Mr. Mechanic.
    It is possible that I can get a pass for Sunday! Got anything in mind?
    What bike did you hire?

    Still looking for folks to ride with from Tuesday to Thursday.... Anyone??

    I hope to be in the Kafe on Saturday evening if you want to discuss over a beer. Or feel free to give me a call on +66 (0) 81 844 9345.

  8. Ok !

    just back from an other 200km ride (on my own this time) (150km in the middle on the small roads): FANTASTIC !! : ) Chiang Mai-Paeng Faen-Jaeson-Pong Dino. The part between Pang Faen-Phang Thong was GREAT

    I have a 250cm3 off road, it is "ok" for the tiny/dirty (therefore - interesting) roads ; )

    See you at the KAFE on saturday 9.00pm around a map and a beer : ) and tell your wife we'll all can go to the sunday market on sunday night ;)


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