Anyone using/used the Givi E21 sidecases?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Changnoi1, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I am really missing some place to leave things on my Versys and I do not like a top-case, so I am thinking of buying the E21 side-cases as they are still narrow and not so expensive (well the mounting racks are more expensive as the cases). Here in Thailand are sold the E21 made in Malaysia and that is the reason that they only cost 2200 Thai baht per case.

    But when I saw them last time at the motorbike-show in BKK they felt a bit cheaply plastic. And reading inside "used upto 110km/h" made me think twice about them. Are they actually for scooters? I am not a racing fanatic but 110km/h?

    So I was wondering is anyone using the E21 side-case and what you think of it?

    Or any other options of "small" side-cases?

    Chang Noi
  2. There are several Youtube reviews of these cases. .I have the bigger cases and I am not so sure that the E21s, when fitted, are much slimmer. The bigger cases protrude into the mount, whereas the E21s sit outside the mount.
  3. Hi David,
    Remarkable you say that about the E21s, I think the way they are mounted puts them at much wider position as they need to be.
    I think they could be mounted much closer to the bike, but would mean modifying the mounting system.

    Chang Noi
  4. I fitted a pair of E21 Givi side boxes on my Phantom.The have served me well.For certain I overload them with no negative impact.
    I had to design the support brackets . That ,and finding a manufacturer was the hard bit. In the end they were manufactured from stainless steel.

    I attach some pics

    Attached files 279566=10868-PIC_0058. 279566=10869-PIC_0059.
  5. Thanks for the pics .... I would like to use more or less permanent attached side-cases and I think the way the Givi-mount is working on my Versys the side-cases would spoil the fun of riding in city-trafic. For touring I would not mind it (but then I would not mind to use a tail-bag also). So I would like to have small side-cases that do not bother me too much while in city traffic.

    On your bike it looks like they are mounted real close to the bike (so not making the all set-up too wide).

    Chang Noi
  6. Another pic

    Attached files 279572=10873-PIC_0064.
  7. Chang Noi, get them, I have a pair and had them fitted on the old XJ750, then on the DR650 and made more than 110km/h with them, now they are on my partners CBR250 and do their duty there. I have loaded them with more than 3kgs and none ever came off the mounts. They are designed to stand upright but if empty and the lid is opened they fall over. They are perfect for some small overnight trips as the name says they can be loaded with each 21lts. of lugguage, so in sum 42 lts, more than most topcases can load. Considering the price, it's the only option that makes sense. Brackets that come with it are easy to use and usually don't need too many modifications, cheers, Franz
  8. Hi Chang Noi,
    Where in Thailand do you get your E21 cases and how much? Can they be purchased mail order or online??

  9. Hi Dave, try to answer this one, try the website:
    Call Khun Thitinan 08 9892 5654 who speaks good English and just get on with business, he is very quick and reliable, transfer to be done before posting, he will give you all incl. price meaning incl. EMS. I bought already 4 topboxes and various racks for the scooters & CBR from him and never had a pompemm. Takes only 2-3 working days until you receive the stuff anywhere in LOS. Cheers, Franz
  10. Thanks Franz, I'll get in touch with him soon as... Much appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  11. I have the givi V35 and I'm very satisfied. Strong solid boxes and not too wide

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  12. In the north, Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear stocks these. Box set and universal mount kit is priced at 7,000 baht, with EMS shipping throughout Thailand. They work well on the Phantom, Boss, Versys and other Kawasaki sport bikes and much more. The universal mounts are very adaptable.

    They don't have them on the website yet but they have been carrying them for some time now.

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