API II ECU for KLX/D-Tracker, bought one but have questions

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FrankT, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. FrankT

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    I bought a API II ECU at the shop next to Kawasaki in Pattaya, price Bht 5000, sales staff could not answer my questions, I took a flyer and bought it anyhow but have not installed it yet, these are my questions:

    1) is there only one version of this ecu or are there more?
    2) is it plug and play?
    3) can I still use different kind of fuels i.e 91 benzine and 91&95 gasohol?
    4) has anybody heard already from peoplke using it? Any issues?

    Pleased to hear.

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  3. mikehohman

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    Here is a link to check out:


    I am hoping to get one this week and try it out this weekend. Would like to know your experience... Which one did you get, the fixed? If so, then yes, should be plug and play, no need (or possibility) to tune...

  4. chatbovon

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    Hi all, I answer your question in my blog. Please check it :)

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