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  1. I have a 2011 CBR250. Stock except for 3 extra holes drilled in the end of the muffler.

    API Tech have an ECM for the CBR250, their price, a shocking 12,000b.


    They also have a separate 'EFI Advance 2014'. Not linked to any specific bike. 3,500b.


    Anybody have any knowledge of such a tool, or the Thai skills to read it?

    1. สามารถปรับแต่งค่าองศาจุดระเบิดได้แบบอิสระ 0°- 50° (Ignition degree)
    2. สามารถปรับแต่งปริมาณการฉีดของน้ำมันเพิ่มจากของเดิมได้ 100 % (Increase Fuel) โดยเลือกปรับได้ 2 แบบ
    2.1 ปรับเพิ่มปริมาณการฉีดน้ำมันจาก VOLUME หน้ากล่องได้ 50 % และลดปริมาณการฉีดน้ำมันได้ 25%
    2.2 ปรับเพิ่มปริมาณการฉีดน้ำมันจาก PROGRAM หน้ากล่องได้ 50 % และลดปริมาณการฉีดน้ำมันได้ 25%
    3. สามารถยืดการตัดรอบของเครื่องยนต์เป็น 13,000 รอบ (Hold RPM)
    4. ติดตั้งได้ง่าย โดยไม่ต้องตัดต่อสาย

    Through Google Translate:
    1. Could customize the ignition is independently 0 ° - 50 ° (Ignition degree).
    2. Could tune the amount of fuel injected from the same 100% (Increase Fuel) by choosing an adjustable 2.
    2.1 to increase the fuel injection VOLUME box of 50% and a 25% reduction in fuel injection.
    Increase the amount of fuel injected 2.2 PROGRAM box 50% and 25% reduction of fuel injection.
    3. Could stretch to cut the engine is 13,000 rpm (Hold RPM).
    4. Install easily Without cutting the cable

    The CBR250 runs pretty lean, and I wouldn't mind a controller to get more fuel going in there, if I knew exactly what is was.

    Anybody knowledgeable?

  2. btw these are vids going through the info about them in Thai. Seems you program in 3 different maps, and can choose each one then with the buttons on the unit.

  3. Some snapshots, in case they mean anything to anybody.


  4. My experience of APi is do not use their products unless you live in Bangkok!! Let them install the box & let their technicians tune your bike & all will be good!! Go for it.

    If you want a user friendly tuner-box controller with English instructions & that is known worldwide then try an EJK fuel controller.
    http://www.ejkthailand.com/ I think Natty Rider imports them now, so you don't have to do the ebay & paypal thing.
  5. Thanks for the info.

    I do indeed live in BKK. I'll check out the EJK option, thanks.
  6. I received this info on another forum:

    So it seems can plug it into the bike, select 5% increase in fuel for the low, mid and high RPMs, then also a change of perhaps 2 degrees in advanced ignition, and you'd feel a difference?

  7. Can you confirm that the adress shown on their web page is correct?
  8. The adress for API tech not EJK thailand
  9. Update: After over a year and appr. 15,000 km running the stock muffler with a core and FMF Racing packing the sound was getting louder and changed, not extremely so, but I could tell that it's time to look into it. It's still quieter than most aftermarket mufflers I've heard.
    I decided to have the muffler cut open to see how much packing blew out but the shop that did it before is now telling me they are too busy, so I have to run around a bit. The local Honda shop doesn't even have a spark plug in stock!
    Out of curiosity I pulled the plug to check the color and was surprised to see that the electrode was almost gone, only a thin spike pointed up in the center, the outsides were burned off. The bike was running fine, no power loss or anything that would have indicated a problem.
    I hope (very much so!) that most of the plug burned off when the muffler started to lose some packing during the last few hundred km.
    Now I wonder if I damaged the valves or the piston - is there any way to check that without pulling the head off?
    I changed the air filter at 12,000 km and left the screen on since it didn't make much of a difference, and I ride the bike mostly in the medium revs on the road, not close to redline and never hit the rev limiter, so I hoped the ECU would take care of the rather minor change.
    I made several trips to Phuket but didn't want to mess with it then, but now I know I should have gotten the EJK!

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