Around Mae Sarieng

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    One of my favorite places is around Mae Sarieng. The countryside is beautiful and the proximity to Burma makes the folk in those parts interesting.
    We went down on Saturday dodging the rain all the way through Hot and then onto the R108. The temperature at the top of the hill on the R108 was cool and the fragrance of the pines wonderful


    Reached Mae Sarieing early afternoon and stopped for lunch. The timing was perfect as it howled down just as we sat down


    Over couple of days we wandered around the proximity of the town, into the national park and small roads next to the rice fields. A few snaps follow


    and some of the best rice terraces that I have seen in Thailand








    Wat Chom Chaeng overlooking the town


    The view from the Wat on a rainy day


    Km markers now seem to be restaurant markers


    There is so much to see in this area, I recon a month or two might just break the back of it.
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

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    Nice Ron. I agree. This area is many times overlooked, but there is a lot of nice riding and scenery in that area.
  4. ronwebb

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    Its stunning Colin and you would know the area better than most. I think I need to get a KLX and leave it down there for the area to become a year round project!
  5. ianyonok

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    Great pics there Ron. An area I need to get over to sometime.... maybe on the dirt bike..... ?

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