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  1. Arriving in singapore on monday the 11th of january 2010 from australia. Could any body help me with a name of somebody or a bike shop that can help me pick my bike up from the warehouse at the shipping yard and possibly give me a place to re-assemble my bike out of the crate. i have to pick it up on tuesday morning after arriving on monday nite. i also need some ideas on obtaining insurance, can any body help me. I'm planning on using Thailand as my base for a couple of months all going well. Any info will be appriciated. thanks bigkahuna
  2. Chan Kok Pyng (MTeknic)
    tell +6681843224Mobile
    Office: +6598209401
    chan is very nice and maybe he can help

    Im also in SG now, but on the Sembauwang Dry dock

    Im stayin in Miramar hotel if you wanna chat abt riding in Thailand
  3. I'm having a few days in singers then riding up to Bangkok over about 3 days and would like to keep in touch with the GT fraternity for some local knowledge. I've got a '09 kawasaki klr650 . Will mtechnik be able to help me with insurance and any ideas on what type? Is it possible to get a policy to cover S.E asia or is it one country at a time?
    Thanks Thaicbr
  4. In the dim dark distant memory I seem to recall that most guys coming thru Singapore had the motorcycles trucked to the Malay border/causeway and started riding from Malaysia once over the border. Something to do with the hassle of the Singapore paper work.

    Singapore government has some very good websites for traffic/road/import information and they do follow their procedures /laws.

    Sorry but can't offer any more info. Good luck.
  5. Would be good to contact you MARCO in SG if possible to chat. Tell me , I've been told by the shipping agent ,AUSD 280 to clear my bike including shipping cost and agent fee, is this right or am I missing something? Break the bad news gently. thanks bigkahuna
  6. Harri.xr650r I sent mtechnik an e-mail but no reply yet about whether they could pick my bike up from the dock.I'll keep your idea in mind though.
  7. You'll need a carnet to ride the bike in Singapore if it is Australian registered and you'll need to get a permit from the AA in Singapore. Quiet alot of hassle a had a new years back when I brought a UK Plated Land Rover in this way.
  8. bigkahunaseven,
    if u drop to KUala Lumpur give me a call will meet up and have a dinner with u..c u bro
    +6012-2568742 from others then malaysia just call
    012-2568742..hope to c u soon . :D :arrow:

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  9. Call Chan at M-Technik & he will advise you of an agent.
    I believe Harry's idea of getting the bike shipped to the Malaysian border would probably be best.
    The paperwork for taking a thai bike in is onerous enough,
    without having to get a carnet - but then you might have one already?
    Also you would need to get an electronic toll charger - again Chan might be able to help you with this.
    Finally insurance. You will need to buy this at the Malaysian & Thai borders for a nominal fee.
    Good luck.
  10. Rhodie Got it into singers so riding around for a few days then heading for bangkok CHAN of MTECHNIK is a champion couldn't have done it without him IAN
  11. Ian
    congrats on getting it sorted.
    Pass on to Chan the best from many a grateful GT Rider.
    Just a note on riding in Malaysia - Chan will have probably told you -
    be careful when parking your bike up especially service areas for food & fuel stops along motorways.
    There are not a few skellums waiting to take advantage of an unattended bike.
    Keep it in sight at all times when getting food and have gear locked away.
    Also ensure secure parking at night time.
    Not such an issue in Thailand tho.
    Ride safe!
  12. You'll also need a Carnet for Malaysia and a permit from the Malaysian AA which you can also get from the Malaysian motor registry (JPG i think) but it's bloody hard and not all of them can do it. I had to go to the main one in Putrajaya to get mine it's good for 90 days but to be honest you could probably just ride straight through without one as i never had to show it to anyone at the border. For 3rd party insurance in Malaysia i got 3 months for 200 Ringet (about $70) -

    East Ocean Management Service or Wind Insurance
    79, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Around the back)
    +60 3 2141 3742

    But you may be able to get it at the border i'm not sure as i shipped my bike to Port Klang Malaysia. I'm currently in Thailand too from Australia and making my way up to Chiang Mai at the moment. I'm currently in Mae Sariang and should be in Chiang Mai in about 3 days.
  13. Just like to THANK all the GT Rider guys that responded to my post for all the help you gave me and especially for pointing me in the direction of Mr CHAN of MTECHNIK . I can't praise him enough. He couldn't have been more helpful and such a genuine person, it was a pleasure to make contact with him. He also gave me a few tips on Malaysia which I'll keep in mind. THANKS AGAIN GUYS. IAN
  14. Colin,
    Chan briefed me on the problems guys from S'pore were having parking in premises that were ostensibly guarded, whilst riding in Malaysia.
    Jahor Bahru particularly presented a problem for them and was told to be wary of large cafateria parking at fuel stops on the motorway
    - indeed hawkers acost you with clearly stolen goods.
    Then having met the farang couple on 650 GS's from the Philippines who had both their bikes stolen in hotel grounds,
    which were filmed by sec cams and with chowkidah present, it is clearly a problem for 'big' bikes.
    They felt that they only got their bikes back because they generated press about their loss & 'shamed' their return.
    Anecdotal conversations with resident expats supported this 'problem'.
    However it would not stop me going back - but I would take a decent chain and find secure parking.

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