Asian computer compatible maps?

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  1. I contacted four Garmin shops and the ESRI hot line they said they don't make a map that they don't have program that is compatible with the computer languages. Asian or Thailand maps. I wanted to do trip planning on the computer and then transfer it to my GPS

    I've tried downloading the stuff from the Garmin web site no luck.

    I know guys do this how?

    Mine is a Zumo 450 purchased in America has the Asian map in in it

    Marco who is good on cp0mputer projects tried it as well Peas Craft helped out with a program, no luck so far.

    If I was out riding I wouldn't be thinking about this silly HUH! :roll:
  2. Ray

    Our (Yours & Mine) problem is that our maps are JPEG(Picture format) and thats why we cant work with Mapsourse and do our maping.

    If our maps would be so called vector maps then we could work out routes in mapsourse
    like explained below!
    i just found this from web since you took it up this issue, so might be time to try what this cGPSmapper can do.
  3. Let me know how it goes. I should be riding but I have study sometimes :lol:
  4. Guys,

    I have seen this comment before that the map is in jpeg format. The ESRI map comes normally on a CD and can be uploaded to the GPS. Somehow ESRI does not want the map uploaded to Mapsource on the computer. There is a work around though which is actually quite simple. I will send you a PM on how to do it.
  5. Thanks sure would make trip planning easier.

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