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  1. Gudday, a friend is interested in doing a tour in April and is looking at Asian Motorcycle Adventures run by Reed Resnikoff. I was wondering if anyone here has any info on his operation. He has not toured in Thailand before wants to do his first one with an organised tour operator. The price looks reasonable for the 10 day tour he wants and has all the support he and his wife want. And yes, I have told him April sux, but that is the time he has to do it. I suggested Miles Nadin and Thai Motorcycle tours, but they are not running then.

    Thanks for your replies

    Dean Watson
  2. Hi Deano,

    No personal experience with AMA, but based on what has been reported about that outfit I will steer well clear of them.

    Have a look at the following so you know what kind of business you are dealing with:

    Shocking isn't it?

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