Asian Tour 2014: China, Nepal, India, myanmar, thailand, melaysia, singapore.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Im inviting help for knowledge to plan a route and address potential problems I will need to sort out before setting off.

    I will be starting in Shanghai and plan to ride accross china through the himalayers into Nepal and on to India. I from there I wish to travel down to signapore before going home to australia. I have 6 months for the journey and have a few issues to deal with.

    I will be getting a residency permit for china so I can register a bike and get a licence. I also looked at purchasing an australian modle bike in shanghai so I can ride it back to australia and register it there.

    Does anyone have a sugestion of what type of bike to buy, I was thinking of a nice motard. Or maybe it might be best buying and selling cheap bikes where I will have registration and boader crossing issues.

    Please advise me on places I should see or activities I should do. as well as any problems I may face, to help set up a route.
  2. Be careful with a bike registration in China, it might not be legal and Shanghai has special rules for that matter. I never saw a bike with Hu number.
    A few years ago the neighbouring provinces had some (dubious) registration possibilities.

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