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  1. Hi there,

    I would like to plan a bike touring trip to Cambodia and would like to get some advise on:

    1. Is End Feb a good month to visit? If not, which months?
    2. I have to fly in to the Capital and rent a 250cc bike there. Which rental shop do you recommend?
    3. Where to get good English road map of this country?
    4. Suggest point of interests that can be reached/allowed by motorcycle.

    Any other advise of travelling through this country would be much appreciated and welcomed.

    Thanks guys and have a prosperouse Year of the Monkey,

    Hong Kong
  2. Franki any month is a good month to visit. Feb is good for riding and this year riding season started early due to the lack of rain we had (some areas very sandy as a result)

    Angkor dirt bikes is building their business and seems to be doing a good job. New New, Lucky Lucky have been around for some time.

    Monument books has the Gecko map which is pretty much the standard for guys here.

    there are plenty of rides and points of interest. Temples interest some but some of the off the beaten path places interest others.

    come see us at California 2 and you can sift thru some of our pics and see what you might be more suitable for you.

  3. Thanks Jim,

    Reading through most of the posting regarding riding in Cambodia, I get some general idea of what to expect. However, I have never been to the less developed part of SEA before, so I am trying to get as much info in as possible before making a trip. Is there any other website about bike touring of Cambodia/Lao??

    If I can fix a date of travel, I would certainly let you know. A visit to your establishment will be a must to make my trip a success.

    It is Chinese New Year here today and I wish you and everyone on this list a joyful and prosperous Year of the Monkey! And of course, safe riding!

  4. Franki
    Bens site (angkor dirt bikes), I believe is linked to this or my site has a link as well has more info on some really good rides as well as trip reports. plenty of stuff if you go to google and type key words pertaining to what you are looking for. I found this site through one of my customers and it seems to be the difinitve regional board. I dont think many people that live over here spend a lot of time surfing the net therefore are less apt to contribute. I myself dont have a fraction of the riding exp that most of these guys have but am getting it fast because I have the opportunity to get out and about here, not to mention being a permanent fixture in Phnom Penh with a lot of guys crossing my path.

    There is a lot of cool stuff to see in the region and you dont have to get far from pnh to see it. As for the chinese new year, a buddy and I rode south thru takmau and passed many chinese new years celebrations. the ride was on pretty decent road down the bassac river. it became boring so we grabbed a ferry to the other side of the river only to discover we ferried to and island. we toured the island then finally ferried to the other side of the river and made our way north, but not before stopping at a wat and discovering another killing fields shrine. lots to see and discover but the area is changing fast as they begin to build more roads.

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