Assaulted twice in 2 days in BKK with family present

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  1. its taken me a few days to get my head together for this post

    over the weekend I was guest of the RBSC Royal bangkok sporting polo club where my daughter was competing in a show jumping contest , its a very Hiso environment and was very enjoyable as was the arranged accomodation at the Sheraton .

    ubfortunately the weekend was marred by 2 very disturbing incidents ,
    first was on saturday night at one my Thai nieces apartment block down by the river not far from satorn road ,we had just seen her and her roommate another nurse to their rooms when a thai man attacked me with a meat cleaver , he was ''growling Farang GO home''
    and only a very fast dodge past him slaming a large plant pot accross his path and running down the stairs into the street prevented serious injury or worse , the guy persued me for about 50 m and then he must have run out of puff ? i went into a 7-11 and waited for the cops to arrive , my daughter and her cousin had called them . We ended up at local cop shop and they had arrested the Thai guy , he was not drunk or on drugs he is 38 years old and is the apartment block manager , still dont know what his motive was but so many witnesses and a couple of HISO heavy hitters from the POLO club and PTT are making damn sure that i get a proper explanation and justice ,
    next morning sunday we watched my daughter in the dressage her performance was off probably down to the ugly scenes from previous evening then we went for lunch at century 21 mall , fine but on the way back to RBSC for afternoon show jumping event s , our taxi driver took a call which i overheard as a pickup for him at suvarnabhumi , unexpectedly he stopped the car in middle of sukhumvit road and started shouted ''GET OUT NOW I GO AIRPORT '' , so we did then he demands 200 baht ..the meter says 35 baht so i hand him40 bt . dont want and trouble , thats when he kicks me in the stomach and slaps my daughter when she tried to intervene ,he then gets back in his taxi . and drives off . we hailed another cab who took us to lumpini police station and we reported the cab driver ,my daughter had a photo on her phone of the cab and 3 thai street vendors all offered themselves as witnesses .

    One of the commitee members from RBSC came down to the police station seems he is a retired army general so we were given really attentive time and Kat was able to go and ride well to come 3rd in the intermediate showjumping ,
    taxi driver was arrested at Suvarnabhumi and will be prosecuted for assult and has lost his cab license .

    What bugs me is that I was out with my family and not pissed up or looking for any problems and have always considered Bangkok to be be a safe place , both these incident could have ended fatally and it has made me very concerned .

    I work in many dodgy place s this year , Nigeria, congo etc
    my Good thai friends are very shocked and shamed by what happened this last weekend in Bangkok

    my wife , daughter , family members are all very upset about this horrible experience , my daughter i am very proud of her has handled it well

    My brother in law is a senior executive at PTT and has assured me that between him and the RBSC people the police will not drop or fudge the cases , but I really need answers .

  2. Damn, an enraged Thai with a meat cleaver?!! You are lucky to still be with us.
  3. Surprised your black belt daughter didn't take out both the perps :take-that:
  4. Incredible the amount of Drama You manage to find in the "Land of Smiles"! You are a Legend!
  5. Wow! Good thing that you & family came out Ok. I am sure both incidents happened with you at 'wrong place , wrong time'... Cheers.
  6. Kat might be a black belt but she is still only a 14 year old girl and a man with a sharp weapon is only tackled in the movies she is not Stevan Seagal , . apparently according to our lawyer she did land 2 kicks on the Taxi guy after he actually slapped her when she tried to help me , and cops confirm he is limping very badly , he is now offering confession and begging for forgiveness Thai style ,seems the call he got was a pickup from airport to Korat , thats why he wanted up out the taxi quick , but prosecutor has pointed out that the route to the airport passed my intended destination which was on 0.7km away also it seems he has a criminal record for previous assaults and his license was a fake ? but the taxi company may step in as ? a man with criminal record should not get taxi license according to Thai law!!!!(TIT) and that is a problem for the taxi company now ,so looks like real jail time for him , the case can be fast tracked if he confesses and some money changes hands by his employers who will definitley want to make this problem go away ,,,,My wife suggested 500k for us as a starting point ...hmmm?

    In both cases police & court have stated to my lawyer that I am a victim totally not at fault and have no reporting requirments or restrictions , I can come and go Thailand as i please same applies to my family .

    The other guy is being a real idiot , he is making up all sorts of contradictory statements , and also insulted the judge at the first pre trial bail hearing ,he claims i was in the building to rape his sister ???? he thought i was a burglar? i insulted Bhudda,the king , Thailand ??? , cops and prosecutor are having none of it there are actually 14 witness statements from independant people in the apartment block alone as well as my wifes, daughter , neice and her friends statements and all confirm that he is lying ..... 2 women in the block actually have filed complaints about him for assault and sexual molestation yesterday . and one elderly man has filed a complaint of assault .... probably due to the thug being locked up .....he is a very scary looking individual .seems he only has one eye as well.

    my lawyer says this case one will not be fast tracked as the guy is pissing off the authorities , so its not looking good for him .

    I was planning to ride upcountry for this weekend ride out CMX for a few days but my mind set is just not up to it so I am just working on my wifes 250 rebel restoration which is almost complete its lookin almost new and may go to bang saen bike and car show on saturday and ride the back hills of rayong
  7. The meat cleaver cyclops needs to be tested for yabba dabba do. Classic symptoms of amphetamine psychosis
  8. According to the cops blood tests done 3 hours after arrest show NO drugs in his system at all ,residual alcohol level not mau and no history of mental illness,
    my gut feeling is the attack was random and focused on me as a white person , but the Thai witnesses see it differently ??? more like a dog defending his space and me being in the building was me invading his space ???

    sounds weird to me as an apartment block is a semi public space and I was there legitimately with family and friends and the attack was sudden and unprovoked , but TIT ..anythings possible ...time will out the facts
  9. Right or wrong, it does seem that Thais will stick together and defend their own when SHTF. Fantastic country and nice people when all is well, but easy to be seen as "invading their space" just being in the country when things turn nasty. At least you appear to have some connections working on your behalf, but good luck getting any real justice. In reality, you are lucky to have not been transformed into a bag of ashes by now.
  10. Glad to hear that you are OK. There are really two Thailands- one with nice, decent people and another with criminals that face pretty much no down side when assaulting foreigners. Good on you that you have some connected Thais to stick up for you.

    When my bike was stolen, the cops pretty much laughed at me...
  11. Good nobody was hurt, but I can imagine it makes you think "Shall I stay here?".

    Thai or non-Thai does not matter, when money, prestige or "influence" people are involved there is no justice in Thailand. And crazy people never face down.

    Shit things like this can happen anywhere. And although I understand it is not easy, the best thing is to try to forget it otherwise it will live under your skin and you will never feel safe & happy again here.
  12. Thanks for posting, it is food for thought and I have also always thought of Thailand as a fairly safe, you just seem to have been incredibly unlucky .
    I hope it all works out and the offenders get their just deserts
    Safe riding
  13. the more serious attack case will take ages to reach court but I will update ASAP , the taxi case will be sorted quickly if money changes hands probably later this week .
  14. "then things went crazy the guy started doing MUai thai Kicks until I threw him over the wall onto the rail track and the woman tried hitting me in the face with a stick so i headbutted her with my helmet,,,,,, a lot off blood so i reckon her nose was busted"

    :crazy::lol-sign: :clap::clap::clap:
  15. you may well scoff and yes i have had some interesting events in the past ,,,,
    just for update the meat cleaver guy has now been charged with attempted murder, 4 assaults on thais including a court official , but also 2 rapes of women in the apartment block, 4 thefts in the block lots of evidence too , his trial date has been set for Sept 2014 meanwhile he is on remand ......he lost his eye during the red Shirt riots in BKK when he was hit by a stone thrown by a fellow redshirt !!!!!! still no sensible reason for his actions toward me .

    The taxi company has paid my wife 50k the taxi driver has lost his licenses and was fined 3500 baht.
  16. All these incidents seem to happen with he is with his Thai daughter, aged 11-14 but "looks older". I wonder if these Thai's he keeps getting into train wrecks with aren't assuming she is his gf, or a child prostitute. He is, after all, in Pattaya. It would explain the bizarre behavior.
  17. I know a lot of people seem to get off by venting their spleen on Pattaya but being as this latest incident purportedly happened in Bangkok I don't see the connection.
  18. ----------------

    And, I can't find Monsterman's unforgettable post about traveling south back to Pattaya (at speed as I recall) when a Brit, in an SUV, hit his bike from behind and drove off.
    If it wasn't for having his Thai lady aboard to call the cops, who stopped the vehicle further down the road, the guy would have just gotten away with it.

    I've not had the pleasure of meeting Monsterman, yet I reside just a few km's west of him on Thepprasit.
    But, I also wonder am I safe from his karma, living so close to him? :)
  19. CDRW I am sure all the crazy karma will stick to me and you will be able to enjoy a life of bliss and harmony

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