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  1. Does anyone have a link to ifo about the bike week for 22 Nov 2008 in Ayutthayah? We will go but cannot find info on location, hotels, sponsors etc.


    Dan :lol:
  2. Hey Dan,
    I've spoken to several Thais and they're definitely going, they said that the Thai rock band Carabow(not sure how to spell ) will be playing. Starts at "neung toum" which is 6 pm right?!
    I'll update when I get more.

  3. Actually means 7:00pm
  4. Hi, When is the event any further info on the Event?
  5. Well ,
    I've spoken to several Thai's and one farang guy that are in the same club and get this they're leaving from Bang bua Thong ( Nonthaburi)at 4pm tomorrow from two different places!
    One place is the market in Bang bua Thong, the other a gas station near Carrefoure (just past it) on the main number 9 ring road, pretty close to where the Nonthaburi bike week was held.
    I have the Farang guys number, so I can check with him as things progress tomorrow afternoon.
    Who wants to ride up there and what time and where do we meet?
    I figure that once we get there we can find it easily enough cos I've got several contact numbers.Here's mine 0800862047Gerry.
    By the way I heard its held at Sanam Sila Sports Stadium

    Sorry I've left this so late.
    Gerry aka fat bastard
  6. I went and it was great,
    I took some video and pics , will post later this week, but not sure where is best, here or in the Thailand Other/ road and trip reports
  7. Post it here if you like. Or if you want to make it a trip report Thailand Other is ok I guess. (Maybe it's time for an "Outer Bkk / Bkk" forum??)
  8. Hi FB,
    Have to agree.... Was great! Was not sure about the huge photo we took onstage..One minute speaking with other MC Pres.. next thing being dragged onstage! (was a very long slow ride home!)

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