Baan Bar - A great cafe / Restaurant owned by a Ducatisti

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  1. Hi Guys,
    We have a house south of Hua Hin, abiut 15m's in Kao Tao and we bumped into this magnificent cafe/restaurant on Highway 4, about 15km's south of Hua Hin, maybe 12km's South of the overpass brigge as you exit Hua Hin.

    Baan Bar is owned by a DUCATISTI (white 848), and it has its own little Ducati Cafe buidling inside the premises... It has a great garden, great food and music.

    We live just 2.5km';s away so for us its an amazing place to spend the evening. But I figured that anyone riding from BKK south and stopping over in Hua Hin, will be nicely surpised to drop by and be greeted and treated at Baan Bar.

    Let me know of any feedback or anybody that has been there, I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Take good care and ride safe
  2. Thanks for the info. Any good places to stay overnight within walking distance?
    Vic (AKA Ahwen)
  3. Hi Vic,
    Hua Hin is actually spread over 30km's, we are at the South end (the quiet side). There is actually a place which should be 1km away, although I would not recommend it for walking...
    I will check it out tonight and let you know... It must be a cheap hotel, its a 24hr open type of place and you can crash when you feel tired type of thing, but it does look very clean and cute...
    Are you coming on a bike ? If so let me know, you may want to bypass Hua Hin city as it gets crazy with traffic weekends and unpredictable times...

    We will be here for until the 11th, let me know if you plan to come in the week we may ride round here together.
    Take good care
  4. if I understand you correct its not on the bypass, must be on the 4 between HH center and Pranburi.
    The overpass you mention should be the S-shaped one over the railway?
    ...never recognized that place (yet), seems I need clean my windshield :roll: shame on me...

    thank you for sharing that info
  5. Thanks Nikolas,
    I am currently in Penang and am scheduled back to Phuket 5/9. I plan to visit Hua Hin after that date (by bike) for a day or two then return to Phuket. If you are leaving 11/08 we won't meet (thiis time) but appreciate your input.
  6. if I understand you correct its not on the bypass, must be on the 4 between HH center and Pranburi. CORRECT and SORRY
    The overpass you mention should be the S-shaped one over the railway? CORRECT next to the Reservoir and about 2km's after the Kao Tao exit on the right hand side...
    ...never recognized that place (yet), seems I need clean my windshield :roll: shame on me... I had the house here since February and Baan Bar has been there. Lats night there was a Thai guitarist 18 and a Thai girl singing live, the girl was 13 and she was great.. I play music myself and I did admire their talent... There is also a bog screen so if your thai friends yap on you can watch a movie or Olympics.. They have all major events.. Olympics, Euro 12 etc...
    Last night there was a group of 7 Kawasaki ER6's supr customised from BKK they used BB as the gathering place

    Baan Bar amazingly has its own "helmet resting area" LOL... it brews Lavazza coffee and any self repsecting cofffee drinker would know the difference between Starbucks Amazon etc and Lavazza or Illy...

    as I am generally new to the area, can you recommend any good rides ? I have a GPS on the bike so general direction will be just great...

    Many Thanks
  7. Dear Vic, I dropped by the Motel last night ( and I think woke everybody up).. the number is 0814319482... They have self sufficient bungalows. maybe its best to get a Thai person to call them.
    The Motel is 100 meters from the main road -4-, on the sea side. There is a motorcycle (scooter) shop on the side of the road...
    In any case, there are zillions of nice places to stay round here, I will be riding the next few days, so I will check out... Any idea of price range ?
    There is an amazing cave park 40km from Kao Tao.. its good for a ride, lunch and a little bit of hiking...
    If anybody is interested I will drop some details...
    What I normally do, is to send my wife and her friends by car and I cycle there, its a safe and nice bicycle ride, take me about 1hr15 minutes and we meet in a fish restaurant on the main road (apparently famous amongst the Thai's and as far as I am concerned, excellent food, always very very busy)... then we continue another 12 kms to the caves... It just makes a good day out and combines exercise and fun...
    If anyone madman out there likes cycling, I am game... otherwise, we will have to saddle the bikes and ride on...

    Take good care and ride safe...
  8. Hi,
    thank you for the description, I might get a coffee there soon. Lets see what my bike thinks about a ride later today.

    There Hua Hin area is narrow, there are not too many nice rides without going back the same roads mainly. But still enough possibilities for 2-3h enjoying the breeze. Try the directions to HH vineyard or Pala-U or all trips to the dams (Pranburi, Kuiburi, Kaeng Krachan). A ride along the coast is fun too.
    Last weekend I had a nice ride to Kanchanaburi and Fire hell pass, however the popometer shows that 700km as day is enough.
  9. @niko13:
    what bike you ride in Thailand?
  10. Thanks again Nikolas,
    300 - 800 THB should provide somewhere clean (and preferably quiet)
  11. Let me check the options, not sure how quiet Hw 4 will be at night.. but lets see if there are any BB's round here, it will be a good exercise for my reference too.. Will revert in a day or two. Travel safe.
  12. OH, this is a bad question... LOL...
    I ride a Ducati 695 in Greece, a Ducati Monster 1100s (before in Greece and now in Dubai), A Ducati Multistrada 1200s in Dubai, and just sold my Versys 650 2012 in Thailand and bought a Monster 795, had it for 9 days and I am on 2400km;s (with a holiday to Singapore in between... )
    I am waiting to see if Kawasaki will bring the Versys 1000 or maybe Ducati will assemble here the Multistrada... I would love a MS in thailand, but at the prices they go, its just silly to get one, when I need bikes in every country I live...
    I am getting a Ducati 848 special edition in September (a friend is selling it, so I hope to sell my Monster 1100s and try the 848) ....I also have a Harley Springster 1997 (this is the copy of the 1962 Springster), but I am not riding it... I took it out for a ride once and I fell asleep driving it and almost killed myself... so now I just look at it and still fall asleep ... LOL...

    Sorry bro... this was the wrong question to ask... LOL....

    What are your riding and do you live in Hua Hin ?

    Will try one of your recommended places this afternoon... maybe in an hour or so..

    I love the term POPOMETER !!! Ha ha ha ha.. the best so far !!! My wife could not stop laughing after the detailed explanation...
  13. yeah, I recognized that my question got a long reply.
    as my life story would be as much as yours I reply in short: Yes, I live here and ride a R1150GS

    that coffee shop looks good, not difficult to find. N12 26.392 E99 57.390
    however it opens at 6pm only. I will try another time again.
    so i had to take my coffee on the beach close to pranburi, where i met a whole bunch of nice thai bikers from bkk, mainly ninjas. 15 or even more bikes, didnt count them.
  14. Wow, A BMW GS, and much more than that, the original tourer... What a great bike... these bikes have written HIstory..
    Can I have your real name and maybe telephone ? And a BIG thanks for the directions, we goit to the waterfalls, and the the vineyards for a Muscat and a snack... what a great day... Its actually my wifes birthday today, we have celebrated in various places so today its shisha and a Muscat by the pool...
    Maybe we can meet up and exchange "Bike Bibles"... I owned a GS1200 for 2 years and in our group that we did the tour of Turkey, we had 2 GS's and 2 Ducatis... the 1150 we had had an accident a year later in slippery road and I was behind him and had to take a dive too, or run him over... Sadly the GS went off 300m to crash on a gate and have its chassis bent and engine block cracked... me and the Ducati went off 100 meters skiding in the farms, so apart from a very bad small, the damage was 1200Euro only...
    There mist be an event with Kawasaki down here, I saw round 10 today...
    Have fun and look forward to hook up sometime...
  15. Is this bar owned by a Thai named Vit? Front center in this picture. Glad to see he's finally got it up and running.

    Attached files 281370=11733-P1050236.
  16. That's right, this is VIT and Baan Bar is his cafe... Dont know how long has been at it, but every little detail is taken care of...
    Vit was riding a white 848 and I believe it is in BKK being repaired after an argument with a truck...
  17. Unfortunately, the western guy far left, Gus Sumner (well-known in the Hua Hin area), who posted on TV as Netfan and used to ride a Duc Sport Classic died last December. Not bike-related AFAIK.
  18. At least he is remembered by you and I guess many others with good memories... We are all destined for that trip eventually... so lets clock as many km's as possible before getting there... Ride safe and God Bless Gus.
  19. Does anyone have some photos of Baan Bar?
    If yes, please post them, or send them top me for posting. Thanks.
  20. Hi David, I will take some pics tonite as I will meet with Niko there.
    So pics will be available tomorrow
  21. The name "Baan Bar" might be slightly missleading. In reality it is an openair restaurant with nice lifemusic in background and excellent food. And although low season, a weekday and far out of Hua Hin it was quite populated with the whole range of thai society. Families from young to old, lovers, group of friends from any age. Not to forget 2 farangs too :)
    It is much closer to Pranburi than to Hua Hin.

    For sure this was not my last visit there.
    Thank you Niko to introduce this lovely place to me!

    There are much more sitting aeras as shown in the pics.

    view, coming from Pranburi:

    view, coming from Hua Hin:

    view from the road:

    entrance and bike park:


    sitting area close to bar:

    Unfortunately the only picture I took at night is not clear.

    Please note that I am not related to the restaurant at all, I am just a satisfied customer!
  22. Hi guys. can anyone hook me up with gps coordinates for this place. I plan on stopping off at some point during my ride this sunday. Also can you tell me if its on the ocean. It didnt look like it from the pics but was not 100% sure. This will be my first time in the area and I will be leading to this place as I requested it. Thats why the GPS coordinates would be very helpful.


  23. They're in post 13 on page one of this thread.
    N12 26.392 E99 57.390

    I may be in Hua Hin Saturday and Chumphon Sunday with some others, return Bangkok Monday if you're around.
  24. Thanks RC, I looked through the posts once but must have missed it.. I just read back through the posts to see if i missed anything else and I see a reference to an opening time of 6pm. Is that correct or is it open earlier for other meals?



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